Just a two-week break from exercise gives you these 5 disadvantages to your health

Being physically active is very important to your health. So at least 45 minutes of workouts every day is recommended. But during the snowy season, most people are unable to handle it. They think it is normal to quit exercising for a few days or weeks and this has no significant effect on health.

But that’s not really the case. Taking a few days or weeks off from workout can drain your months and years of hard work. We are telling you about the negative effects on your body by skipping workouts for just two weeks.

A mere two-week barrier can lead to a significant decline in physical fitness. A study by the Journal of Applied Physiology concluded that just a 14-day break can reduce heart health, muscle and insulin sensitivity.

1. Decreases aerobic capacity

Doing workouts is very good for heart health. But when you quit exercising for a few weeks, your heart begins to lose not only its ability to handle extra flow, but also your body’s ability to use oxygen effectively, which VO2 Max is said to degrade.

Another study found that most of the aerobic capacity gained through exercise in two to four weeks was lost by skipping workouts in two to four weeks.

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2. Muscle change

When you stop doing workouts for a while and start again, you will undoubtedly notice changes in your muscles. They become smaller and weaker. If you are doing high intensity exercise or weight training, your muscle endurance will decrease. This increases your muscles’ risk of injury during the workout.

3. Body shape may deteriorate

There is nothing we can do to get fit and attractive. But when we quit our workouts for a few weeks, our body shape begins to change. We can easily affect the shape of the body we need to work for months and years by giving up exercise for a few weeks. Also, if you don’t follow a balanced diet when quitting a workout, your weight may also increase.

4. Blood pressure can be uncontrolled

One major benefit of exercise is that it helps regulate your blood pressure. But when you quit exercising for a few weeks, your blood pressure can become uncontrollable. According to one study, the blood pressure you lower after 6 months of rigorous training, a rapid increase in blood pressure by not exercising for just two weeks.


5. Increases the risk of diabetes

Generally, your blood sugar increases after you eat, and then your muscles and other tissues absorb the sugars needed for energy. When you exercise regularly, your blood sugar levels are regulated. But when you don’t exercise for a few weeks, diabetes and uncontrolled blood sugar levels rise.

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A study published in Sports and Exercise and Essential Science found that blood sugar levels increased in young, normally healthy individuals after just 3 days of inactivity. The unfortunate consequence of being sedentary is that by constantly increasing your glucose levels, your risk of heart disease and diabetes increases.