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Kathryn Mozhi 19-10-2020 Vijay TV Katrin Mozhi 19.10.2020 Tamil Serial Online | Katrin Mozzy 19/10/2020 Vijay TV Serial Catrin Mozzy 19 October 2020
Vijay TV Watch Kathryn Mozzy 17.10.20 Love Serial Katrin Mozzy 17/10/20 Latest Today Issue Online.
Katrin Mozzy 19-10-2020 – Vijay TV Serial | Vijay TV Kathryn Mozzy 19-10-20

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Vijay TV Katrin Mozhi 17 October 2020 Issue Review / Discussion:
Summary: The story of Katrin Mozhi (ின் ಾ)), the story begins in a small village that is full of greenery and agriculture. Hero (Sanjeev), a city boy, she loves heroine (Priyanka Jain), she is a village girl. She wanted to be good to her family, not interested in love.
Kamani, a young woman struggling to listen and speak, rescues Santosh from the accident. However, he misunderstands her motives.
Cast: Sanjeev Karthik, Priyanka Jain

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