Kamal Haasan Gifted to Finalists in the biggboss house Grand Finale

Actor Kamal Haasan gave a gift to each of the finalists of the Big Boss show.

Kamal, who spoke to housemates last weekend on the Big Boss show, asked what plan you have after going out.

Then each contestant stated their plan. At that point Rio said he would take the car and drive into the woods.

Actor Kamal Haasan personally presented prizes to the five finalists Rio, Balaji, Ramya, Som and Aari ahead of the Big Boss finale today.

Kamal gifted the tent to Rio who said he would go to the forest accordingly. To Rio, who picked up the gift, which was kept in the store room, he said the gift was for you because you like trekking.

Are you going to see family for Balaji next? Kamal asked if he wanted a gift. That’s the reward, sir. He went to the store room saying that he would take care of his brother then. Kamal had gifted dumbbells to Balaji there. Balaji saw it and said thank you sir I missed it so much.

Next up was the Familyia gift to Ramya as well. For that my family is expecting you to buy gifts. So the gift went into the store room. Organic seeds and bonsai saplings were kept there for Ramya. Seeing this Ramya thanked me that these seeds are so special.

Next Aari went into the store room saying that Kamal’s gift was first. There he kept his diary and pen. Kamal said to Aari who took it, put your thoughts into words. And that diary is said to be recycled paper. On hearing this, Kamal thanked him that there was no greater gift than this. Kamal wished that a lot of events should take place and that you should mention them in it.

Kamal finally presented Soma Sehgar with a hand drum-like instrument like drums. He also asked me to sit on the instrument and read. Kamal thought it would be useful to give anything to anyone and gave it to him in a strange way.

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