Kangana Ranaut spoke from Bombay High Court – No violence erupted with any of my tweets

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has appealed to the Mumbai police to cancel an FIR filed in the Bombay High Court on Monday.

The court will hear the matter further on February 26, and until then the interim protection granted by Ranaut and his sister Rangoli will remain intact. Ranaut’s lawyer, Rizwan Siddiqui, told the court that the actress had done nothing wrong. Shinde and Justice Manish Pitale told the bench.

He said that the magistrate’s court in suburban Bandra had erred by allowing him to file an FIR against Ranouth on other charges, including treason. Siddiqui appealed to the High Court to overturn both the lower court order and the FIR. “The court order did not use brains,” Siddiqui said in a Ranaut pro-court.

“I don’t have any common sense with my tweet,” he said. There is no punishment as they do not cause any violence. What happened after the tweet? Was there any criminal act after my tweet? The actress and her sister Rangoli have challenged a magistrate’s court order to take action against her and later summons issued by Mumbai police.

The FIR was lodged under the direction of the magistrate’s court in October last year after fitness trainer and casting director Munawar Ali Syed filed a complaint against the two sisters, citing some tweets and statements. Syed said the two sisters have increased hatred in communities through their opinions.