Kangana Ranaut will open a restaurant in Manali, sharing good news

Kangana Ranaut will often remain in the headlines for her statements. However, this time they are in the news not because of any controversy, but because of the good news. In fact, Kangana Manali is leaving to open a restaurant. Through social media, they have provided information to their fans. Kangana, who is making her name in films, will soon fulfill her dream of opening a restaurant in Manali.

Speaking of this good news, they have been posting some pictures from their Twitter account that are going viral on social media. Let me tell you, this is the first restaurant Kangana’s does on their own. She shared a photo and said, ‘I’m telling you about my new dream adventure, which is about bringing you and me closer to each other. Apart from films, food is also my passion, and now I am making my first foray into the FND industry. I am going to open my first restaurant in Manali. Thank you to my tremendous team who are working on this and bringing you something amazing. Thank you ‘.

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Kangana is seen with her team in the photo. She appears to be discussing it with her teammates. Speaking of Kangana’s appearance, she has reached the jacket with a white turtle neck. She is also seen in blue denim and ankle boots. For information, let us know that Kangana remains in the headlines on the day of arrival. Sometimes she comes up with a statement, sometimes she gets caught up in the headlines with some of her tweets. Kangana speaks with Babaki on almost every subject. Whether it’s about nepotism in Bollywood or anything related to politics.

Talking about Kangana’s career, the actress is set to be released this year in the movie ‘Thalaivaa’. In this he was speaking to former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.J. He is playing Jayalalithaa. He has also started shooting his action films ‘Kaa Thakad’ and ‘Tejas’. So at the same time, the actress has also announced films like Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda and ‘Aparajita Ayodhya’ of Didda, also known as ‘Warrior Queen of Kashmir’.