Karthika Deepam 23 November Written Update: Kartik says she has made 2 mistakes in life

Karthika Deepam 23 November Written Update: Kartik says she has made 2 mistakes in life

The serial starts with Deepa and Suriya is happy with Kartik’s place. Karthik asks Suriya to listen to the songs in his car. Surya goes. Kartik tells Deepa to return to his house. Deepa says she wants to live in her house, not her own. Kartik says he will not accept her as a wife. Deepa says she will not come.

Kartik asks her why she came to her place in the past and why she returned to her bus. Deepa came for Hima but returned to Basti for you so that you can return home. I don’t know how to speak like you but Kartik says answer my question about why Hima suddenly changed. What caused the sudden change of Hima. Deepa cries when Hima asks how he got to be her parents and why he is asking her so many questions.

Your daughter is back to you, which is good. Kartik says he wants to know how that happens. Deepa says that everything happened as per your wish and I too have returned to my house but why are you blaming me for that? Kartik says I want to know the sudden change in Hima. Deepa asks her to know it from Hima. Kartik asks what he said to the Himalayas? Deepa says you are the one who did the bit in the Hima thing, I told her to accept you as her father, is that a crime?

Kartik slaps her and you kill me using my emotions and you come to my house as a valakkal but you have returned to your place as my wife and you are creating many doubts in the mind of Hima and soon your secrets will come out and I will teach you guys a lesson.

Deepa says that she is waiting for that moment and asks her to pray to God that it will happen. Kartik goes out in fury and asks what she is doing. Suriya says she was swam cleaning her car because she was allergic to Hima Dust. Kartik asks why he likes Hima. Why does Suriya say you like her? Kartik asks her to answer her question. Sooriya Sats Hima is your daughter so she becomes my sister. Kartik is horrified and asks his mother to never make him a Hima Mom. Suriya reluctantly signs off as Kartik leaves in his car.

Bhagyalakshmi cries and begs Murali Krishna not to return the money to the police. Bhagipalakshmi says she bought jewelry for Deepa. Murali Krishna says she will give the entire jewelery to Deepa. Bhagyalakshmi stops him. Murali Krishna I know of your feelings, Deepa will never accept this kind of jewelery and I am thinking about how to arrange the rest of the money and if you do not agree with me I will arrest you. Bhagyalakshmi is shocked.

Deepa remembers Karthik’s words. Suriya asks what happened? He scolds you because he looks angry. The lamp nodded in tears. Suriya asks what will happen if Kartik knows the truth. If Hima knew that he was his daughter he should love her more but why are we afraid to reveal the truth? The lamp cries. Karthik thinks of Mounita’s words. Hima comes to him. Kartik asks her to call him Daddy again. Hima says daddy and thinks when his family gets united.

Preecap – Kartik says she has made 2 mistakes in life, one is marrying Deepa and the other is that I did not witch her, so now I have to make her witch.

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