Keep these things in mind before selling gold, you will get a higher return with good price

Gold price today: Gold is an asset that people use during difficult times. A large number of people have sold gold during the financial crisis during the epidemic. But when is the right time to sell gold and when to sell it is the maximum profit

Check out the purity of gold

When buying gold, make sure you have got a gold purity certificate or not. In that certificate, all the information required by the gold carrot is available. When you go to sell gold, you can know the true value of your gold through this receipt. And then you can sell gold based on the market price.

Gold price today: Gold may be up to 60, buy before, know the latest price of 14 to 24 carat gold

Pick the right person when selling

When selling gold, you should always try to find where the gold is bought from, and sell it. It also avoids inconveniences. Also, wait to get the right price.

Make contact with various jewelry retailers

When selling gold, always contact different jewelry dealers. There is always hope of getting a good price from this. But this time, definitely check out the background of jewelry retailers.

According to Surendra Mehta, national secretary of the India Bulls Jewelers Association, “If you want to sell jewelery worth more than Rs 10,000, keep in mind that jewelers can only pay you by check.” The jeweler can ask you for KYC related information.

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