Keerthi Azad, a member of the 1983 World Cup winning team, came out in support of Suresh Raina’s ‘Main Bhi Brahmin’ – what kind of objection is brother?

Former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina has been criticized for his casteist comments on social media. Responding to a recent Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) match, Raina said she was a Brahmin and that was why she did not have much trouble adopting the Chennai culture. Raina is now embroiled in controversy over this statement. But in the meantime, Raina is backed by Keerthi Azad, a member of the 1983 World Cup winning team. Raina plays for the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and people call him Raina Chikka Thala.

‘I am also a Brahmin. What is the objection brother? In another tweet about the former cricketer’s caste, he said: ‘I have no problem with caste certificates and those taking advantage of reservations. Why should anyone object to being proud of my Brahmin? All Sanatani rituals and rituals are performed by the Brahmins in the homes of the Hindus. Why hate? I am a Brahmin. ‘

Before that, when Raina asked questions about the adoption of South Indian culture during his speech, he said, “I think, I am a Brahmin. I have been playing in Chennai since 2008. I love the culture here and with my comrades. I have played with Anirudh Shrikant. I like Chennai culture and I am lucky to be a part of CSK.

Suresh Raina started his IPL career with Chennai Super Kings and he is still part of this team. He retired from international cricket on August 15 last year shortly after Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s retirement. Raina will play in the remaining 31 matches of the 14th season of the Indian Premier League in the UAE.

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