Kiran Kher gets multiple myeloma, know what this disease is, symptoms and treatment

Kirron Kher suffers from multiple myeloma:Bollywood actress and BJP MP from Chandigarh Chandigarh Kiran Kher has won the hearts of people with her powerful performance Myeloma She is battling a name sickness. Husband Anupam Kher himself shared this information with fans by sharing a note on Instagram. Anupam Kher wrote, ‘Rumors don’t haunt people so I want to tell Kiran Multiple Myeloma , Which is a kind of blood cancer. We are currently undergoing his treatment and we know he will come out stronger than before ’.

What is Multiple Myeloma?
Multiple Myeloma is a rare disease that is a type of blood cancer. The disease affects the plasma cells of the body. Healthy plasma cells help fight infection and produce antibodies, but cancer cells such as myeloma accumulate on healthy cells and produce abnormal proteins, which do not fight infection and cause subsequent complications. Simply put, multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer that occurs in the body’s plasma cells. These cells are usually found within the bone marrow of the body and are part of the immune system. In such a situation, if a person has multiple myeloma, the plasma cells begin to accumulate in his bone marrow, which affects the production of blood cells.

Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma-
– Complaining of persistent pain in the bones
– Anemia
Reduces appetite
-Manual Maze
– Frequent infection
– Fast weight loss
– Weakness or numbness in your feet
– Severe thirst
Kidney problems

Causes of Multiple Myeloma-
Doctors have not yet reported the obvious cause of the disease. In spite of this, some factors have been reported, which is believed to increase the risk of the disease called multiple myeloma. For example, people over the age of 35, obesity, heredity, lack of calcium in the body, anemia, etc.

How to diagnose
As soon as symptoms of multiple myeloma are detected, the patient can consult a doctor after being diagnosed with an X-ray, CBC, urine test, CT scan, PET scan or NRI. Biopsy of accurate myocardial infarction of multiple myeloma.

Treatment of Multiple Myeloma-
Named Multiple Myeloma, this blood cancer is treated with the help of drugs, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, blood and urine tests, bone marrow biopsy, imaging, scan, X-ray and genome sequencing. Which treatment is right for you depends on the stage of cancer.