Kitchen hacks: Kadi pakodas are as soft as cotton, follow these tips and do the trick

Easy Tips to Make a Soft Kathy Pakoda: If you love to eat sardines but don’t know how to make kadhi pakodas, both the taste and fun of the kadai will fade. The soft and spongy pakodas are on a gravy soaked side, making the kadhi more palatable. But sometimes, instead of softening, the khadi pakodas are hardened, which ruins the taste of the curry. In such a situation, by applying these tips, you can even make a soft pumpkin of restaurant-style kade.

Follow these tips for making souvenirs like soft cotton –
To prepare pakodas for sardines, first remember the quantity of flour and water.
To make the pakodas, beat the gram flour and add a little water until the bubbles start coming out of the gram flour.
When grinding the gram flour, always move the spoon in the same direction.
To check if the gram flour is inflamed, take water in a pot and add some drops of gram flour to see if the gram flour is floating on the water. If gram flour starts to float, understand that gram flour is well beaten.
Now keep the gram flour for a while.
Now heat the oil and add the pakoras. If the pumpkin begins to swell and the holes in it begin to form, then understand that the pumpkin is soft.
If you haven’t yet made a soft pumpkin, you can also add a pinch of baking soda to the gram flour.
Put the pakoras in the curry for 15-20 minutes before turning off the gas.

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