Kitchen Hacks: These 5 Tips and Tricks Eliminate Insects in Flour, Sourdough and Besan

Kitchen Hacks: Whether making pakodas for breakfast or for lunch, maida and semolina, kale and semolina are used in every home. But due to lack of maintenance, they often get worms too quickly. If you are also bothered by early worms in gram flour, semolina and maida, these kitchen tips can solve your problem.

The use of bay leaf or neem leaves
Place bay leaves or neem leaves with semolina, all purpose flour and gram flour. By doing this, these things will not only avoid getting insects, but also moisture.

Air tight container
The best way to prevent insects from sticking to flour and syrups is to store them in glass, metal or any good and thick plastic containers.

If you want to store semolina, maida and gram flour for a long time, you can store them in the refrigerator. Putting all these items in the refrigerator will keep them fresh and away from insects.

Mint Leaves –
To protect the semolina and gram flour from insects, dry mint leaves can be placed in them. These substances do not attract insects because of the mint flavor.

Fry it in the skillet –
Lightly roasting semolina and gram flour in a skillet will reduce the risk of spoilage or insects.

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