KKR’s Sandeep Warrior has said what problems he will face after Kovid recovers from 19

Sandeep Warrior is one of four Kolkata Knight Riders players who have been infected with corona in the IPL 14 bio bubble. All of these were then sent to isolation. Kovid said he has been having more trouble since his recovery from the 19th. Special: BCCI IPL 14 in the first week of May, following the corona case in the IPL 2021 Bio Bubble
Was postponed.

Sandeep told Warrior News 18: “Kovid didn’t impress much. But I think Kovid’s posture impressed me a lot. I started training last week and I have a lot of trouble. Before Kovid, when I was on the KKR team, training didn’t seem to be difficult. I think it will take a week or so. ”Apart from Sandeep Warrior, KKR’s fast-paced MS. Krishan, spinner Varun Chakraborty and New Zealand wicketkeeper batsman Tim Seifert were Corona positive.

Suryakumar Yadav, who hit the first delivery in an international debut, said, “I know which ball Archer bowls.”

Kerala fast bowler Sandeep said: “Even though his first test was negative, he was experiencing symptoms. His wife, a doctor, said she was expecting a follow-up test. We did an RT-PCR test on May 2. I blocked myself. At that time my test may have come back negative but maybe Varun Chakraborty’s test came back positive. He blocked on the other floor. I thought my report was negative, so there is a common viral fever. ”

He said Varun Chakraborty was positive, so we did a second test and I am positive. By the time I realized that I was Kovid, my wife was a doctor. You’ve got Kovid and the next test will be positive, he said. He got Covid six-seven months ago. He had similar symptoms. He saw me on a video call and said I was infected. I informed the team doctor and the next test only came back positive and they took me to the Bio Bubble floor.
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