Know the reason for delaying income tax refunds

General public, chartered accountants (CAs) and income tax authorities are having problems with the new website of the Income Tax Department. Income tax authorities say that if the problems with the new website are not corrected soon, the reimbursement may start to get stuck. This could lead to delays in repayment to taxpayers.

It is worth noting that last year the department had a good record in terms of reimbursement, but this year the portal is moving very slowly and is half full, with the number of cases likely to be collected by the department in the coming days, so that they are settled. Not fast. The Income Tax Officers will review the cases only after they are reviewed and the refund process begins. Older cases of taxpayers are not coming to the fore because the website is not working properly. This year’s refunds will not be issued without adjusting with previous income. Along with this, the dispute over tax issues is also becoming increasingly difficult for the department. The pending appeal hearing has been in effect for a long time. Online notices for many cases are available to the public through the website. The entire process relied on online. In such a situation, the work is badly stuck because of its slowness.

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List of shortcomings

According to sources from India, the authorities have started compiling a list of shortcomings on the new website. After that, the list will be handed over to the finance minister next week and a plea for removal will be made. According to an official concerned with this matter, it is impossible for officials to scrutinize any case on the portal as the data on past revenues are not visible. Earlier this month, the Central Direct Tax Board (CBDT) was reported to be submitting 40,000 returns on its new portal, but these were not being reviewed due to difficulties faced by the authorities.

The right of government

The Ministry of Finance claims that the matter will be resolved within the first week of August. Since its launch in June, the new Income Tax website created by Infosys has been facing only problems. Finance Ministry officials, in collaboration with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, directed Infosys to solve the problems. According to information, some issues have also been fixed in the last one month, but this portal may take time to be fully present.

Trouble with the ITR website

According to the information received, the Income Tax Department’s new website has a password reset, download new PAN card, view Form 26A, view old income tax return, apply for a refund, information on old demand and options for income tax return. Issues such as usage are important. Moreover, people’s statistics also differ.

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