Komaki uses this powerful battery with its electric scooter, 220km driving range, charging once in 4 days

Komaki, the country’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer, recently launched its two-wheeler market. Now the company is working on specialty Li-ion battery technology. The company said the battery could be manufactured at home, although more information on the technology was not shared due to patent reasons.

According to a report published in Express Drives, the company will import the battery used in this battery from Korea and will be attached here. This battery is quite light in weight and also supports a fast charging system. The battery is said to offer a driving range of at least 170 kilometers in single charge and a maximum of 220 kilometers in Eco mode.

The company says it only takes 4 to 5 hours for this battery to be fully charged. Not only that, but with the use of regenerative braking technology, the user has to charge his scooter only 1 time in four days. The company also offers 3 years warranty, two years of coverage and one year of free service with this new battery.

These scooters are used:

According to reports, Komaki will be using this special battery in three upcoming scooters. It includes the XGT-KM, X-One and XGT-X4 models. These scooters will be available at the company’s dealerships by June. The company claims it is working on another new battery build process used on the X4. The battery is expected to offer a range of up to 350 km.