Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2021 Written Update¬† – stops Pragya’s marriage Meera knows that Abhi and Pragya love each other. She saw his love. She wants to get Abhi love. Ria meets Meera to meet her. Meera tells her that Alia was terrified and took her to her room at night. Rhea knows Alia’s conspiracy. She wants Meera not to marry Abhi if she loves him. Meera is shocked to learn that Ria is against marriage. There is no denying to Mira Abhi. Riya says that she emotionally blackmailed Abhi for the wedding.

Mira tells her that Ria wanted it first. Riya tells her that she has changed her mind. Meera wants to marry Abhi. Riya tells her not to accept her as her mother and not to hate her. Mira does not take care of her. Meera apologizes to her. Riya ends her relationship with Mira. She goes to talk to Abhi. Rhea knows what to do now. She says Abhi does not apologize to her and does not accept her request. Mira is helpless to the heart.

She knows why Abhi won’t stop the marriage. She says that only a conscious marriage can be stopped. Pallavi Rea gets the dress. She shows the dress to Dida and Vikram. She waits for Ranbir. Ranbir puts all his emphasis on Prachi. Prachi does not want to disturb their family. Ranbir meets Pallavi. She tells Riya that she’s got a dress. Dida asks her to gift the dress to Riya and compliment her. Ranbir calls Jai home.

Pallavi goes behind him to hand over the dress. Aaliya and Mitali conspire to arrest Riya until the marriage is over. Rhea looks for Abhi in the storeroom. Aaliya tells her that Abhi will never know her plans. Mitali lied to her, which is its trap. Alia warns Ria and locks her in the storeroom. She says no one can hear Riya’s voice. Rhea doesn’t want to miss Aaliyah’s plans. She is afraid that Prachi will return to Ranbir after marrying Abhi Meera. Abhi waits for Pragya.

Pragya is in the house. She says Abhi wants freedom from her. Abhi wants to explain the truth to Pragya. They are both far from misunderstandings. He wants her to know that she does not have the strength to endure the truth. Pragya wants to lose her strength. He says that love will not diminish as long as his name is Kumkum. He is sure she will come to stop his marriage. Pragya wants to tell him that she loves him so much. She gets pictures of him.

She thinks it is a sign of good luck that they have to become one. She wants to change Abhi’s decision. She wants to get Abhi back from Meera. She decides to align with Abhi. Feelings of love will eventually transcend their ego. She is determined to reach Abhi’s house and stop the marriage. Abhi takes Pragya police home to prevent her marriage. She wants to be arrested for the reason Abhi got married while Aaliya and Mira’s first wife is still alive. Abhi is surprised by her bold move.