Kumkum Bhagya 23 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rhea arrested

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rhea arrested

The episode begins with people telling Ranbir and she feels the same way, she is like her mother. They say my mother made me like her. She says that if Ma didn’t make me like her, you wouldn’t have loved me. Ranbir says we should not talk about this. He thinks as though she doesn’t answer him, but how can anyone love a girl who tried to kill her daughter. Prachi calls Riya and tells Ranbir that there is a network problem. Rhea thinks this is Mona’s request so she calls Preechi and wishes her a Diwali. She calls her, but the call doesn’t connect because of bad network.

They say I hate this network. Pragya stands up. Abhi says you should talk to Riya Prachi, why are you afraid. Pragya says that Prabhi does not know that Riya is her sister. Abhi says I am proud of my daughters. What if we were no different then? He says that once everything is good between Rhea and Prachi, I come here with Prachi. Abhi says that Abhi and Ria’s room is next to each other’s room. He holds Pragya closer.

Pragya tells you what you are doing and you hugged me from Riya. Abhi says I read about basic rights in 4th grade and I don’t want to lose it. Pragya says we are meeting because of our children. They say this is our destiny, it is our love that unites us. Pragya says this is called Kumkum Bhagya and we cannot separate from each other. He says that Rhea and Prachi should have spoken now.

Pallavi goes looking for Ranbir and tells him that Vikram does not know where he went. Vikram says that she is nearing the silver jubilee anniversary and when Ranbir is happy she is happy and sad when she is sad. I remember the Doctor saying that he could save only one of us, and I asked Ranbir to save him. He says that my son came and saved me. Vikram teases her. Pallavi calls Ranbir and says your father is teasing me? Ranbir says give dad a call. Pallavi asks where you are.

Ranbir says I will come home. They say they will get there in 15 minutes. He ends the call and tells Prachi that he should go as his mother calls. Prachi says that I do not come between you and your mother, your relationship with her is special. Ranbir says your bond with your mother is also special. Pallavi says my son is coming. Vikram asks if Ranbir will tolerate his wife if she loves him more. Pallavi says her blessing is with Riya.

Prachi thinks she will never forgive Riya, that if she tells everyone about her they will be against her and go to the police. She wonders what would happen to my mother if I was dying. She calls Ria. Rhea picked up the call. Prachi says I am Prachi. Ria tells me that I have my number and that I was talking to you as your mother… and then she asks Mitali not to open the door for anyone. Prachi wishes her a happy Diwali. Rhea ends the call. Prachi gets upset with her.

Rea tells Mitali what happened and asks if her mother is fine. Mitali thinks Pragya has done magic on her and tells her to go inside. They worry Raj, Mitali and Tai Ji. Riya tells Abhi that she is sure that Buji Ma has made a mistake with her. Pragya gets there and asks what happened. Aliyah tells her that Bahadur had said that the police came and that is why the door was locked. Pragya says we know what happened? Aaliya says don’t open the door. Pragya opens the door.

Inspector comes in and asks who Rhea Mehra is. Pragya asks what she did. The inspector says she was charged with attempted murder. Abhi asks what this joke is and asks who she tried to murder. Says Inspector Prachi. Rhea is shocked. Everyone is shocked, too. Pragya says what are you saying? The inspector says Sanju’s friend had told him. Pragya asks where Sanju is.

The inspector says they ran away and that we were holding the bitumen. The inspector says that since Riya is my daughter, Prachi cannot do anything. Mitali is shocked. Abhi asks if a sister takes the life of another sister and asks Sanju to be arrested. The inspector says the daughter has made a statement against her.

Abhi says that the sow is lying. The inspector asks him not to argue with him. Lady asks Constable to arrest Riya. Pragya asks her daughter to leave. The inspector says I will arrest you. Aaliya asks Inspector to leave Riya. The inspector threatens to arrest her and asks her not to ruin her Diwali.

The inspector says that we have been sent by our elders and asks the constable to leave her. Rhea is hiding behind Pragya. Pragya asks her daughter to leave. Abhi calls a senior police officer, but he doesn’t listen to her because of the sound of crackers. He angrily throws the phone away. Lady police officer comes there and asks why the girl has not been arrested so far.

She says Prachi’s mother filed a case against Rhea. Pragya says I have not filed any FIR, and why I have filed an FIR against my daughter. Lady Police Officer You have spoken to our senior officer and he says he has fired me an FIR. She shows the FIR registered under Pragya’s name. Pragya and Rhea are shocked. Rhea leaves Pragya’s hand. Abhi looks at Pragya with suspicion. Pragya says she has not filed any FIR against him and asks him to trust her.

Thank you Aaliya Pragya and say that you have proven to love Prachi and not Riya. Lady Inspector arrests her. Pragya cries. Rhea is called by the police. Alia pushes Pragya on the floor. Nanny shouts as Alia. Ria says I don’t want to go because she’s dragged by the police.

Abhi hugs Riya and asks the police not to look like her. He tells her she’s innocent. Lady Inspector asks her to prove her innocence and Abhi tells her to drop her hand. Rhea cries and is scared. Abhi says don’t do anything. She is taken by the police. Nanny scolds Aaliya and asks if she’s crazy? Aaliya says Pragya was already down because she filed an FIR against me. Pragya says she is my daughter. Aaliya says I am telling you the truth and you think Prachi is like your daughter and not Riya, otherwise your heart is weeping when you send her to the police station.