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Kumkum Bhagya 3 May 2021 Written Update

Why did he not take Prachi out of his heart on Ranbir, then he loves Prachi right now, saying that Pragya will go from there Pragya Prachi will explain to Ranbir, then you do not pay attention to those things. What is the proof that we will be proved to be true, we do not have any lawyer, Prachi and the police will be scared by this, after this we have a big proof which will prove that you are false with you.

We will present it in the form of video or audio, on the other hand, when you have to come on the other side, then the greatest friends will come and Tanu will become the biggest enemy, both of them will beat each other very dirty dirty tresses outside the court. It was said that no matter how much milk is fed to the farmer, it only causes poison. Then you also poison the snake, after which you also taunt yourself to come, listen to the greatest glory of the 4 Gaya, who ate her own husband, what will you tell me after which Alha’s senses will fly that the tanu for which she always enjoyed the same tanu, however, laid her hand on the sore shoulder, after which there will be a very bad fight between them, after this, there will be a hearing in the court, let me tell you that a huge investment will come. We will be punished right now, will go to jail, but will be completely upside down and the lake will go, Tanu Pragya will have a lot of proof. First of all, let me tell you that Pragya is very angry with the lawyer in the court. No one will be unhappy with that court. I will refuse to fight on the case, but later Pragya will crush me, after which my body will also come.

Lawyer will give a lot of hunger who has done diligent work, after which the lawyer will say that he has committed a crime, he has raped Tanushree, it has a form after which Pragya will bring her phone and everything in her phone was accepting all the things. That he had not raped her yet, he would show everything he had asked, after which the senses of all people would fly away, after that, Tanu will be punished and will leave him now. For the moment in life, Pragya has just saved and told both of them.

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story 3.5.2021

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