Kundali Bhagya 28 November 2020 Written Update: Mahira tells Preeta to break her fast

Kundali Bhagya 28 November 2020 Written Update: Mahira tells Preeta to break her fast

The episode begins with Kareena telling Christie and Jankie to leave the house, and telling her that Sarla will be sentenced for her crime. Christie tells Karan that her mother is innocent and leaves. The junkie follows her.

The nurse falls ill. Rakhi and Kareena hold her. Sherlyn says she is very happy today and that it was because of Mahira.Mahira opens the door from the inside and says Preeta is also her enemy so she doesn’t have to thank her. Sherlyn today retaliated against Sarla because she once slapped her and now says they are soul sisters because she didn’t expect Mahira to be as smart as she is.

If she can’t find Karan she destroys Luthra and she has a plan for it but he won’t tell her because she doesn’t want to use it and that’s why she is making emotional play to get him.Karan and Rishabh say not to pressure the nurse. Kareena tells Rishab to support her wife instead of standing up for Sarla. They too feel lonely but Sarla knows she can’t do anything like this. Daddy and Rakhi this time thought Sherlyn was right.

Karan may have Laddu poison but he has to find out who poisoned the poison. They say that Sarla does not poison her daughter, even though Preeta is not well and wants to harm Sherlyn.Rakhi says that Sarla cannot do anything on purpose, so it is possible that she accidentally mixed up something in those lads. The nurse tells Rakhi not to force her opinion on others and tells her to start the celebration. Kareena says the police are investigating so they can find out the truth.

Rakhi says she has to wait for Preeta to start the celebration. The nurse says she can’t wait for love because she didn’t respect the ritual and the relationships. Rakhi tells her to think again. But the nurse says her decision is final.Christie tries to stop Auto and worries for Sarla. They say that somebody deliberately caught the mother by mixing poison in those lads. She suspects Sherlyn and Mahira and says that Preeta lost her confidence. Jankie tells her that she is Sarla’s daughter and Lutra’s son-in-law, so this is a really difficult situation for her.

She says this was her Karwa Chauth and she had to be with her husband today but now she went to meet her mother. She says she’s coming back here to do her rituals. Christie asks what will happen after Sarti and asks that Preeta not help Sarla in this matter.Preeta gets there. Christie asks where she went. Junkie tells Preeta to relax and do her rituals. Kristy and Jankie were about to leave, and Kristy was worried about Sarla being a junkie. Junkie tells her to trust God.Preeta looks at them and cries. She remembers how Sarla told her to finish her fast. She goes to Sherlyn and Mahira and tells them to laugh at her grief.

She says she knows what Sherlyn did, why she did it and how she did it. Mahira tries to intervene but Preeta stops her and says that Sherlyn has deliberately caught up with Sarla because she hates her and asks why she does this.Sherlyn says that Prieta is not her enemy. Preeta tells her not to believe in her act and tells Sarla not to harm her and drag in their fight.

She claims that Sarla told her to give the ladies to Sherlyn because she cared for her baby even though she knew the truth and disliked her because she was pregnant.Sherlyn reveals that Ramona is also part of their plan. She tells Preeta that she needs proof that the court does not have. Preeta asks how Sherlyn can play her child’s life for vengeance.

Preecap – Mahira tells Preeta to break her fast.