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Kundali Bhagya 3 May 2021 Written Update

Srishti says why is that blackmailer messaging you because I saw the message of Black Mirror in Mahira’s phone and I later came to know that what is your phone exchange with her phone, then tell me why I message It was only then that, to be talked about, he was messaging me under the circumstances, but not because he has done blood, but because he did not want money from me, he came to know that he was present in that day and taking advantage of that he The blackmailer was repeatedly messaging me that he could add more money than me and I had even shown him somewhere that I was afraid he was going to give him the money that I would see his face about who finally got blackmail. When we were asked to ask Pokaran, how would you tell me what you were doing in the hotel, and then the Earth story was set on fire This He says that I went to beat Akshay because your sister was blackmailing Kritika out, what do you think, I am so stupid that I will tell you that I am not Akshay to blackmail Kritika. Forced and attached to things, people say that I almost caught him, but why do you guys worry so much that you don’t worry at all, I will not let Priya ji get angry if you do anything I look at them and say that if you are telling the truth, then I will forgive you, but even today I have made a mistake, so this time you will die with my hands and come back after speaking with me, and then leave There is also the thinking of old things and everyone takes care of Holi and Chandan and all their attention is more on the bend and then as soon as Sami and Karan come out, it tells them that you should not And if he did not bleed the same, Akshay was there, then all are there.

Maybe not, my whole doubt is on him and thinking about these things, all three reach Ruchika’s house and Ravi Ruchika imports these people and says that I don’t know anything and you guys go from here. Then he asks us that your bracelet is on where your sister is, only then she has finished, she says that I do not give you the detail of everything, then even the time was lethargic, I tell you that your bracelet was your bracelet that day Shastri had met and he would have been silent on hearing this, we do not understand what he said and scared everyone and tell him what is the matter or else he will tell the police all the things. You will come from the side and then you are very scared in a lot of trouble and what kind of punishment will you get, and since then you will tell me that you will surely get this punishment, loved me but wanted to marry him. It does not happen that after coming in the bus, you have also done the blood of Akshay, on hearing this, Johri used to say angrily I did not call Hee I have done Akshay Kumar, why would I love her but I and Akshay also have a child and all these beautiful people fall asleep and love me well but now they wanted to marry Kritika for money but As soon as everyone knew her truth, Akshay herself broke her marriage to Kritika because if she did not leave the wedding that day, I would have come to the pavilion and told all the truth to everyone and after the marriage broke up I did not say anything to her. And after the marriage stopped, he started drinking too much and one day I accompanied him to Megha and after that he told me that he will leave everything and both of us will shift to Dubai because we are very much in need of money. So, Akshay’s mind came to ID to blackmail Kritika and he blackmailed Kritika again and again, the plan that was available to our Megha came to know and she went to the hotel room and murdered Akshay and showed it at home. The Earth is Mahira and Sherlyn, the three people are quarreling and asking the body again and again what the Earth is If not otherwise, you did not bleed Akshay only when you are very angry and you have said a lot, I have said a hundred times, I have not murdered him, please do not ask your stupid questions again and again only then to work the Shivling. Tries to call myra but myra says it has left it and you come and leave, and if the point is proved in which it has faded then it will be just one and both of us will also fall and what do you think Who would have murdered Akshay, then I tried my best to find the boy in the block, how would I kill him in the face tomorrow and he blurted out the truth and then would come in front of us and then we were talking It is said that in the joy of coming to Frida’s house, we are having a party, even if you want to come to it, his mother used to say that I will come to this party unannounced and there is no more happiness for me than that my daughter is home She is coming and told that the fight that was going on between brother Joe Kareena and Preeta has all ended and no one has realized how good it is so far Is and Akshay’s Murder Whatever happened in the life of Africa, there is no fault of Preeta Ki and on hearing this, which father’s Maya made Sarla ji even more happy then only Karan would have told me after knowing the truth They ask her to help Preeta but Ruchika refuses and says that I can kill a very dangerous smart person, she can kill me and my son too and I don’t want to do that at all but Karan bar- Bar message her and she keeps on refusing then only Karna says that I promise that I will not let anything happen to you and your child but Ruchika keeps saying that I am in any case you Rita Can’t help and I can’t even think of going against Ka, then it is said that if you do not do it this way, then we will tell the police all the things and after that you will get somewhere from day to day, which is better than that Zero, I am saying, obey that thing and then Ruchika thinks all these things in a way that do not be your promise to me and my children.

Safety is in your hands and Ravi Shankar who is akaran becomes very happy and what does she say that okay I will help Preeta and will do my best to save my father and whatever I know he will go clean I will tell you in the court and are very happy to hear this, everyone else would have fed in today’s episode and the rest you see tomorrow, will Ruchika really give her statement in the court and will come out again to get any new update.

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