Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2020 Written Update: Preeta praises the sweet dish made by Sarla

Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2020 Written Update: Preeta praises the sweet dish made by Sarla. Kristi says Sartha deliberately made Preeta’s favorite dessert dish. I thought that Preta could come today to meet her so she thought of making her favorite dessert dish and said it would be nice to see them together. Preeta says she missed her very much and hugged her.

Sarla thinks and cries today that the last day of spending time with her daughters is crying. Preeta wipes tears. Sarla says what happens to them if they go to jail. Preeta tells him that he will not let anything happen and to appease her. Christy was already asleep. Sarla tells Preeta to take care of Christie if she goes to jail.

The next day Rakhi Karan wakes up and asks about Preeta. He tells her that she cares little about him and asks about his niece. She tells him that she knows he is teasing her. He tells her that Preeta lost her mother and was crying yesterday, so he dropped her at Aurora’s house and then went to pick her up. He says that Preeta is a good daughter, son-in-law and wife but he first misunderstood her.

She says she fulfills all her responsibilities as a wife, son-in-law and daughter. He tells her that he has never misunderstood her and that he is hungry because she always said that Prieta was a good girl. Sherlyn listens to their conversation and leaves. Thank you Rakhi God for clearing up all the misunderstanding that existed between Preeta and Karan. Junkie Preeta, Christie looks up to them and is delighted to see them with Sarla.

Sarla asks why Janki is crying. Preeta asks if the police have come to arrest Sarla. Christie also wakes up. The cops aren’t here but Junkie gets emotional when they see it together and says she’s going to eat all those lads to prove Sherlyn wrong. Kristy stops her. Sarla says she could have mixed some of the closing things wrong.

Preeta says the laddus has no poison because Sherlyn and Mahira later admitted that they mixed the poison, so even though the junkie eats these lads, they can’t prove anything. She notices those lads and tells them that she has not eaten these laddas in her sergei. Christie asks if Preeta did not eat the lardus made by Sirta. Sarla says she ate the lambdas made by Ramona.

Everyone is shocked when they hear her and she realizes that Sherlyn, Mahira exchanged lads and lied to Preeta. Sarla says Ramona mixed poison in her lotus to help Mahira to get Karan. Christie asks why Sherlyn took the risk while pregnant. Preeta says that Sherlyn did not eat a full laddu and there was a doctor to treat her.

Preeta says that Sherlyn and Mahira weren’t throwing Sarla’s lads, so they set out to find them at Luthra’s house, then she calls Kristy and they do something to expose them. Preeta then enters Lutra’s house and begins to search for Laddus in Mahira’s room.

She was going to go there but she noticed the laddoo box that Ramona had brought and opened it and saw Sarla’s lads. In the washroom, Mahira heard a slight noise and asked Preetha to give her a sherlin and a hot towel. Preeta poured something on the towel to give Mahira’s face black.

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