Learn what items to donate to avoid tomorrow’s Capricorn, Rahu and Saturn dosha

The Sun’s entry into the Sagittarius by the planetary Sun sign is called Capricorn. This time the Capricorn Festival is celebrated on January 14th. This day has special significance for bathing and charity. Items such as black sesame, urad, ghee, jaggery, rice, khichdi and blankets are donated mainly. Donations of Capricorn are believed to be many times greater than other days. Dan brings joy and prosperity to our lives. Keep in mind that donations must be made in conjunction with the service, no donations for charity.

Bathing and donation on Capricorn is a hundred times more fruitful, it is a good time to bathe and worship and worship and worship

The donation of sesame, urad and skin removes Saturn dosha
On the day of Mani Sankranti, the great deity Giri of the Mankeshwara temple said that Shani Dev was worshiped with black sesame to please his father Surya. If there is a rift between father and son, offering Sesame to the sun god during Capricorn will make your relationship sweeter. Donating Kala Mole, Urad and Leather Shoes removes Saturn Dosha.

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Donating jaggery and ghee will prevent the guru dosha

This time, the feast of Capricorn is declining on Thursday, so the importance of donating jaggery and ghee will rise. The donation of jaggery and ghee will remove the faults of Jupiter. On this day, the donation of rice has special significance. Donating rice is a virtue. Therefore, they should be donated.

Rahu- Ketu blocks the blankets with anger

Donating a blanket on Capricorn is considered very good. Donating the black and white blankets given to the needy will prevent Rahu-ketu from getting spoiled. On this day, more and more people should donate a blanket.

Avoid donating old planets, suggesting bad planets

On the day of Capricorn, one should not donate old clothes, steel utensils, iron and plastic, said Mahant Devagiri Giri of Mankameshwara Temple. They are the evil planets. Giving new clothes to those in need is considered good. Only new clothes should be donated, this is good.