Lockdown Ki Love Story 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam asking her to take a serial tiffin

Lockdown Ki Love Story 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam asking her to take a serial tiffin. Dhruv says I should go to jail, the hospital and then the lawyer’s office, you stay home. Sonam says I will come with you. Please say we should be all life, stay at home and relax.

He goes. Milky says there are fewer days left with Dhruv, your plan has failed, you have lost the pole now. Sonam walks down the street. She remembers everything. She sees a puppet show going on. She imagines herself as a puppet. She sees Raghav and Milky doing her dance as a puppet.

She shouted, “Stop it.” She scolds puppet show artists and people. Raghav comes and sees. Man says this is our business, people are leaving, how do we bear the loss. Sonam says sorry. The man asks what he is sorry for. Raghav came and said she was sorry, why are you arguing, if you say a lot I will silence you forever. He pays the man and you say you can’t earn much of this, you go and have fun.

Raghav says that the puppet has always been fortunate to dance, that a puppet cannot beat a dancer. She gets angry. She gets a gun. She beats Raghav. Her imagination ends. Raghav leaves.

Sonam says I will kill you in the marriage hall, this will happen. She goes to the toy store. She looks at the toy guns. She asks him to show her a high quality gun that looks real. The guy shows her the gun. She checks it out.

Milky comes to Subhadra and touches her feet. She asks Subhadra to bless her because she has slapped her before. She sits down. Batasa asks Ankita what to cook for her food. Subhadra says she can do whatever she wants. He asks Milky What will you have. She says poison.

He asks why you are saying this, you are poisoning others. She goes on angrily. Ankita asks what happened to her. Sneha says it is better to give her poison. Sonam comes home. Subhadra asks where you went. Sonam is lying. Milky thinks what Sonam does now. Sonam goes to Dhruv’s room and checks the gun.

She takes a real gun and exchanges it with a fake gun. She says your torture enough now, Raghav, I don’t tolerate it now, I will kill you. Polar comes home. Sonam says I missed you and came here. He hugs her. She gets into the tension of getting caught. She shuffles away. He asks if you met Nutan and Shashi, they are anyway.

He says he is fine, Shashi asked him not to worry about her. He goes to the new. Milky Way comes. Sonam gets tense. Milky asks what are you doing, I’m not going to let anyone embrace the pole, he’s my husband, tell me, what are you doing here. Sonam hid the gun. The Milky Way looks at her.

Precape: The inspector says Milky’s case has been withdrawn. Dhruva says I do not understand. Milky I did my job Sonam, you do your job now, marry Raghav and get lost from here.

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