Lockdown Ki Love Story 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv Sonam summoning her to pass the towel

Lockdown Ki Love Story 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv Sonam summoning her to pass the towel. Sonam goes to hand towel. Sonam is afraid. Milky stands there scolding her. Dhruv takes the towel and asks why your hands are trembling. Sonam says nothing, I should go.

She’s gone. Milky says Sonam is sensitive. She smiles. Batasa says Milky refused to have food. Suman says I will take it to her. Ankita is right, she is after your life, you want to feed her. Subhadra asks why Milky is upset when everything is going according to her. Dhruv says nothing, she is planning something. Batasa says that he is listening to the poison.

Milky cries and makes drama. Dhruv is not afraid. The Milky Way argues with him and walks away. In the morning, Sonam asks Dhruv to give her the papers, and she hands it to the lawyer. The pole receives an inspector’s call. We sent the papers to jail, and the inspector says you can go and take your parents home. Dhruv asks what do you mean, Milky has taken the case back, are you sure? The inspector says yes. Milky Way comes.

Dhruv asks how you did this all of a sudden. Milky’s not suddenly saying, I realized you are a useless and selfish person, you are crazy Sonam, you are not afraid of family, you want your Sonam, why are your parents paying for your mistake, why did they not harm me, I forgive you, go and get your parents, You don’t deserve to give me love, I’ve accepted defeat and taken the case back.

She cries and says get your parents back, live your life well. Ankita says I can’t believe Milky could do it. Milky way goes. Dhruv says I thought Milky was making a play. Sonam says his play is over now. Dhruv asks Sonam to come with her. Sonam says I plan to welcome him home. He hugs her. He walks away.

Sonam asks Milky not to do any drama. Milky I’m crying for your leave, see I’ve got a storm to get my love, you’ll be Raghav’s wife, so I’m sad for you, I’ll miss you so much. Sonam and Milky argue. Milky tells Raghav to marry him and leave here. Sonam says you have to wait a while. The Milky Way laughs.

Raghav comes to the hospital to meet Dheeraj. The Dadi asks who you are. Raghav says I am his brother Dheeraj, and he is my father Shobhakant. The Dadi says you can’t meet him. Raghav asks her not to stop. They say we call security. Raghav Ward pushes the boy. She asks him to stop. Constable prevents them.

He says Dheeraj is here for the charge of shooting you. Raghav shows permission to meet Dheeraj. He goes in and sees Dhiraj. Dhruv brings Shashi and Nutan home. Everyone is happy. Nutan says I know, Milky frees us.

She embraces the new. Shashi says she is doing what she wants. I was blinded by the milky cries and the polar love, I wanted to get him, but he says I failed. She apologizes. Everybody is shocked.

Precape: Milky says you should marry Raghav in 5 days. Sonam worries and hides the gun. Ankita called out to her.

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