Lockdown Ki Love Story 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Nutan saying that Raghav has failed my plan

Lockdown Ki Love Story 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Nutan saying that Raghav has failed my plan

Nutan saying that Raghav has failed my plan, Sonam is going to Mumbai, but Raghav has kidnapped her, he is mad, he can reveal my truth. She is worried. Pratap comes in and asks where Sonam is. Nutan says I don’t know. Pratap says I have planned with you that the bride should exchange, Dhruv is married to Milky, Tell me where Sonam is. Subhadra is horrified to hear this. Nutan says it was your fault, you said you would take your daughter, I kept my promise, you sent her back.

They say it’s my wife’s fault. Subhadra says it’s her fault. They are shocked. Sumitra comes to Sonam and apologizes. She gets jewelry. Don’t worry, Sonam says, the one who brought me here is coming. She heard the door bell and ran. Subhadra Pratap scolds her for ruining Sonam’s life. They say Sonam is in trouble because of you, Sonam knows what her father did with her. She goes on angrily. He asks her to listen.

Nootan quarrels among themselves, saying what should I do Raghav. Pratap says you can’t say anything to Sonam, I am ready to do anything, you need witchcraft. Subhadra is shocked. They say I’m ready to sign now, you don’t say anything. She’s fine, go to Mumbai, I’ll bring you Sonam, you can sign papers.

Dhruv comes home in the guise of a tailor. Sonam comes running to see. Dhruv and Sonam look at each other. She recalls choosing a lehenga for her wedding. Dhruv says that Sonam has already chosen Lahenga, they want the same design. Sonam shows the picture. The guy says sorry, I don’t have any. Dhruva says if such lahenga comes, call us. Sonam thinks I sent that design to the Pankaj shop, I knew that pole would make sense.

Dhruva says that when Pankaj showed me the design, I understood that you sent it. He says that Raghav sent the design, I got the order for Lahanga and Sherwani. Subhadra says Sonam is with Raghav. Dhruva says I will not leave Raghav. Shashi blocks him. Pratap says you are worried for your son, I will call the police. Shashi gives Dhruv a gun and says that if it is needed, nothing can happen to Sonam. FB ends. Dhruv behaves and says the lahenga should fit in well, I will change it. Raghav comes and says that you do not take groom’s fittings.

Dhruva says I will give you skin tight fittings. He gives sherwani to Raghav. He asks the bride to come and try the lehenga. Raghav stops and you hurry up and say when can you replace her. No matter how ruthless you are, she turns into a room, and I wait outside, saying rudely. They will go. Guddu comes and Raghav makes friends with Moore. Sumitra sees this. We came to save Sonam, fear not, says Guddu. Sumitra nodded. Dhruv locks the man. Sonam hugs Dhruva.

They run. Raghav prepares at Sherwani. Guddu comes in and moores the man. Show Raghav Gun You come to save Sonam, say go out. They say you cannot save at this time. Dhruv comes and points the gun at him. Raghav is shocked when he takes off the polar disguise. Sonam looks up. Raghav scolds him. You show fake love to her, you expelled her, why do you look after her, she is my life now, don’t take her away from me, say goodbye to her, we are both saved now. Shoot Sonam Raghav in the air. Shashi gets the police there. Dhruv catches Raghav at gun point.

Shobha and Sumitra come. Shobha shouted. Raghav says I was shot in the air, explain to Sonam. Dhruva says don’t take my sonam name with your dirty tongue. He defeats Raghav. Shobha gets angry. Shashi scolds Shobha. Raghav takes the Inspector’s gun and points at him. I don’t shoot anyone, let’s talk, then I go, after this you can kill me, Dhruv and Sonam have done all this for their love union. Dhruva says I will not tolerate this and lose it. Stop Raghav, you are not listening to me and doing nothing wrong, I am not saying any nonsense. . Shobha smiles.

Precape: Dhruv Sonam comes home. They come in handy. Nutan says its good you are back, I was very worried. They say don’t act too much. They play a video. Everyone is shocked to see the video.

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