Lockdown Ki Love Story 21st November 2020 Written Update: Dhruv and Sonam come together in the house

Lockdown Ki Love Story 21st November 2020 Written Update: Dhruv and Sonam come together in the house

Nutan going to his room and Raghav doing this with Sonam. Good if Sonam goes back to Mumbai but Raghav will ruin all his plans. Pratap comes to talk to her and asks about Sonam. He tells Nathan that I have a plan with you to take my daughter with me. Nutan says I wanted to get Sonam out of the house.

We have decided that I will take Sonam back to Mumbai and you will marry your son for your choice of girls, ”says Pratap. Shubhadra learns about the reality of Pratapana and she confronts them and says Sonam should know how her own father was responsible for the accident that occurred on the wedding day.

.Spudra puts the plants behind and tries to understand that she cannot shed anything in front of Sonam. Subhadra is adamant to tell Sonam about Pratap’s reality but he wants to get Witch Orce in such a way that he prevents his wife and says that I am ready to give it to you.

On the other side, Raghav’s mother brings jewelry for Sonam to wear for the wedding and says that although I understand your state as a woman, I cannot help you in this case. Sonam tells her that a man who can save me from this place is coming. At the same time, the double rings and Sonam runs out of the room to check if she’s been waiting.

One of Raghav’s friends opens the door and it is Dhruv in disguise on the other stairs with two bags in his hand. He comes in as a designer and save that I am here to fit the bride’s lehenga so I have to wait and see if it comes out well and get her check. He also offers sherwani to Raghav and says that I will definitely give you the best fit.

He walked out of the place with Sonam for a dress check. A friend brings Sonam to another room and says you can change here and no one will bother you. Dhruv pushed the friend into the room and locked the door so he could not get out.

Sonam finally embraces Dhruv, she already understands that it is at home. Dhruva recalls how she learned from the designer that Sonam was looking for a particular wedding lehenga she wanted to wear on her wedding day. The designer informed Dhruv when he knew that Sonam was missing.

Shashikant also handed the girl over to prove it and said don’t hesitate to pull the trigger if needed. Raghav is getting ready for his wedding dress and asking Dhruva’s other friends to come into the house and slowly ask Raghav’s friends if they look good when they are unconscious.

Dhruv’s marriage with Sonam came to the Dias area and fired a gun at Raghav. The Log of Log knows that it is true who comes home as a designer and Sonam is also with them. You tell Raghav that I told you to stay away from my things and not take Sonam’s name out of your dirty mouth. Shashikant and Raghav, who are Shobhakant’s home with police forces, are being asked to arrest him on the spot. Raghav goes out to shoot but Sonam stops him and catches him and takes control of him.

The police came to the pole to arrest Raghav and reveal that he had done everything to reunite his brother and sister-in-law who were going away. However, Dhruv is not ready to believe his words but Raghav says that I have done everything and have done this project so that you can realize his love for her. I feel bad when I see that I am an emotional person and you are not listening and not paying attention to what she wants to say and thought to devise such a plan so that I can help you both.

Pricap – Dhruv and Sonam come together in the house. Nutan says I’m worried for you, it’s good to have you back. As a mother, Dhruv plays a video clip in front of everyone else in the house, not to do drama anymore.