Lockdown Ki Love Story 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Inspector investigating Ankita

Lockdown Ki Love Story 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Inspector investigating Ankita. He asks to answer yes or no to his questions. Sonam interrupts to ask how one can answer yes or no. The inspector says don’t teach us how to do an investigation. He asks her to stand quietly.

Ankita asks if he is present at the crime scene. Deeraj took the gun. Ankita tries to say something but the inspector stops to say yes or no. Ankita says yes. Inspector asks Constable to write Diraj takes out a rifle and shoots. Ankita says she was forced to shoot.

The inspector continues his investigation without paying attention to his words. Sonom asks the gesture to listen to the whole story. Inspector warned to stay quiet. As the trial continues in court, lawyer Milky says he tried to burn her. Milky’s lawyers show some evidence and accused Jaiswal of trying to burn Milky for dowry.Inspector asks Ankita if Deraj shot Shobakant.

Ankita says no. The inspector then asks if the gun was in Deiraj’s hand or not when it was fired. Ankita says yes. The inspector asks Ankita to sign the statement. She does. The inspector’s family is strange, half the family is behind the bar and the rest of the members make statements against them. Sonome consoles the weeping Ankita.The judges revoke Nutan and Sasikant’s bail and put them in jail for 15 days.

While at Milky Hospital, she sees Dhruv’s photo on her mobile phone. Raghav walks with Pushpaguch with. She says her aunt and father-in-law have been bailed out and they were in jail. He asks if she is not happy with the news. They say that all will be destroyed because of Sonam.She says she can’t leave her saucers like that. Raghav tells her to stay strong and he is ready to help her.

Milky says why he helps her. Raghav says he wants to take revenge against Dhruv by stealing his love. He gives Milky Dhruv a deal to stay and he accepts Sonam Milky.Sonam and family members are waiting for the return of the pole. The latter walks with grief. He sits down. He says his parents’ bail was canceled and he cried.Sneha hugs Ankita and cries. Sonam asks her to be strong if she falls weak to appease her family members. Sonam says the truth is God in this world.

She asks not to be weak in front of lies. They must fight for the truth. As she fights for her truth, there is none, but she and his entire family are with him.Subhadra says she thought she lost her daughter but he brought her back. We all have faith that you will win this war. Sneha holds the pole hand as soon as she finds a way to get her parents out. Dhruv embraced Sneha.Shobakant, Raghav, Sumitra and Sheetal come there. Dhruva asks him to leave. Raghav’s father wants to meet all of you, so he has come.

Shobakant says Shashikant was sent to prison 25 years ago. He was unaware of the pain his family had to endure at the time. Today they look sad without their parents. He feels as if his 25-year wound has healed. He asks Raghav to see all his sad face that he was longing to see. He asks Ankita how she feels without her husband.

He recommends going to his parents’ house because her husband will return after six years in prison. He thanks Sonom for saying that if she did not enter the house, all this would not have happened. She destroyed this family. He asks you to leave the house after it is completely burnt.

Sonome says she has never seen a cheap, cunning person in her life. She doesn’t want to say anything in front of him because he doesn’t want to throw stones at the mud that he is. Shobakant says she too has to come to this place one day. Dhruv angrily holds Shobakant’s collar.

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