Lockdown Ki Love Story 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam asks what price you want to free the Polar family

Lockdown Ki Love Story 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam asks what price you want to free the Polar family

The issue begins with getting polar jewelry, cash and property papers. They say yours is Milky. He grabs Sonam’s hand and says that Sonam is just me. Looks like Milky Way. Cried Sonam. Milky sees cash and jewelry. You can live comfortably by taking possessions, you cannot pick me up even if you choose me, I will go after Sonam, my soul will always be with Sonam even though I am with you, do not ruin my life, take this offer, we will both be happy. Milky Way refuses.

They say that you have tried to compare me with these possessions, but my love is so strong that I can sacrifice any riches for you. He listens to me, I don’t love you, your dreams of having a husband are shattered, I will never accept you. The Milky Way comes to him and acts weird.

She says I will accept anything, but I live with my king, do not come to me to make any agreement, the agreement is the same, choose your parents or Sonam, I have rejected your property, now I have to leave. Sonam Milky says, you have a problem with me, let’s talk. Milky says you have decided the price for the pole, your love can be valued, my love cannot be compared to anything else. She was leaving.

Shobha comes home and calls Sheetal. She asks what happened. He says I’ll show you something. He calls someone. The man greets them. She asks him who he is, and he is afraid. Sumitra looks up. Shobha says she will help us, she is a great groom for Sneha. Sumitra is shocked.

She asks what you are saying. They say you should not interfere. He asks Sheetal to take the picture and show it to Sonam, who threatens that if she does not ask Milky, she will marry this man. Cried Sumitra. Sheetal says I understand it now. She clicks a picture of the man.

Milky comes to meet Naughton. I knew you would not sell, you burned yourself, you are my true heir, we have done a lot for the family, ”says Nutan. Milky nodes. “I’m proud of you. Don’t give up,” Nutan says. Milky says I know you will understand me, seeing you here is painful, I will solve everything, Sonam will go out of our lives. Nutan Yes, Sheetal has fled, I am not out to help you, but my heart is with you.

Milky says I will go and meet Shashi. Leave it, Nutan says he will curse you. Milky says its fine, their curse will be a blessing to me. Nutan blesses her. Milky asks to look after her. She’s gone. Raghav comes to meet Dheeraj. If you go to jail, Dhruv will stay at home, I will get rid of him, Ankita, friendship will be left at home, ”he says. Dheeraj gets angry. Raghav shows a picture of the man and Shobha says he found the man for a friendly alliance. Dheeraj Smoke.

Raghav man is good, his age is 40, it does not matter, and she is beautiful about Ankita, you can not deny, do not take the impulse, beauty never dies, there are many rich city, she can get anyone, I need money. Dhiraj shouted and let me come out and he said I would kill you.

Milky comes to meet Shashi. He scolds her and tells her to leave. Milky says nothing will change with your anger, I will become your side. She’s gone. Dheeraj tries to break bars. Raghav says I take care of your family. He walks away. Dheeraj is heartbroken for them. He goes to moor ts. Inspector checks Dheeraj.

Constables take Dheeraj. Dhruv asks what happened to Dheeraj. They are shocked. He asks what hospital. Everyone is worried. He comes to the hospital to see Dhiraj. The inspector says you can’t go in, they have a heart attack.

Precape: Sonam asks what price you want to free the Polar family. Milky says you should marry Raghav. Sonam is horrified.

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