Mahashivaratri 2021: Don’t offer these five things to Shivling, Bholenath might get angry

Mahashivaratri 2021: Maha Kalivarthi, Makkal Shiva, is celebrated on March 11, 2021. Devotees make many attempts to please their idol Shiva on this occasion. If anyone celebrates fasting on this day, they walk on foot in many famous Shiva temples and perform Rudrabhishek. Shivling is worshiped in the form of bilvapatra, dhatur, flower fruit etc. It is believed that Lord Shankar was very happy and fulfilled the wishes of the devotees. But do you want some worship things that are not offered to Lord Shiva? It is believed that Bholenath should not offer Tulsi and Indura to each deity. By doing this, Shiva can be angry at you instead of being happy.

Don’t offer these 5 things to Lord Shiva:
1- Tulsi: According to the stories, Tulsi is the form of Mother Lakshmi, meaning Lord Arishini of Lord Vishnu. Basil is always used in the worship of Vishnu (Shaligram). However, the use of basil is prohibited in Shivalink.

2- Vermilion: Vermilion is a type of decoration that is dedicated to all the gods. Since Shiva is considered secluded and Makkal, Sindoor is not offered.

3- Coconut Water: The prasadas of the offerings of Lord Shiva cannot be taken, for they take the offerings of other gods. Therefore, do not apply coconut water in shivling.

4- Ketki Flowers: According to legend, once Ketaki flower supported Brahman in a lie, Lord Shiva knew that he had cursed Ketki flower. Since then, the flower is not offered in the Shivalinga.

5- Turmeric: The use of turmeric or turmeric rice is found in the worship of all deities. But some scholars believe that turmeric is a sign of good luck, which is not offered to Lord Shiva, the god of destruction.