Making a Carrom ball

Spin bowling is one of the most difficult cricket techniques to master. The excellent 1xBet sport betting company allows its members to start wagering on everything related to bowlings. There are many variations of these kinds of deliveries. One of them corresponds to the carrom ball.

The description of this method is quite simple, however, its execution is far more complex. In general, it can be said that a player holds the ball in his hand. This is done with the thumb and with the middle finger in a bent position. The sports betting company 1xBet offers multiple wagering chances on which kind of bowling will be performed during a match.

In the precise moment before the ball is released, the bowler will move the thumb and middle fingers in opposite directions. This will give a very specific form of spin to the ball, which has a great chance of confusing the batter.

Lots of users

The carrom ball was seen mostly used from the 1950s onwards. The best cricket betting website is, and it can be used for wagering on the likelihood of a bowler using this method. Some players who have employed this technique throughout their careers include:

  • Jack Iverson;
  • John Gleeson;
  • Ajantha Mendis;
  • and Ravichandran Ashwin.

The technique has been used on multiple kinds of matches. At first, it was mostly seen in matches in Australia. The cricket betting website 1xBet is a fantastic place to wager on Australian cricket as well.

However, the carrom ball was later spread all over the world. In fact, it is not unusual to see it in international test matches of many variations.

More details about this method

Another way to see this technique is to imagine the ball being squeezed right before its release. The bowler holds the ball in his hand between his bent middle finger and thumb. Then, prior to the release, the middle finger is “flicked”, which gives most of the spin to the ball. Whether wanting to bet on the best carrom ball performers or the best kabaddi fighters, is the best place to do that.

Of course, some players can also move the thumb to the opposite side of the middle finger to give it even more spin. However, it is up to the bowler to decide on whether he wants to add that extra spin or not. An advantage of the carrom ball is that the middle finger can be moved in either direction. This means that this is a kind of delivery that can be highly unpredictable for batters. Whenever this technique is being used, make sure to wager on the player employing it on the 1xBet website.

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