Market Price: Decrease in processed edible oils of mustard, pork and bite, soybean, groundnut solvent

Mustard, soybean grain, soybean loose, groundnut (all oilseed) prices show gains in Delhi oil-oilseeds market last week Prices of most edible oils are closed with losses or canceled when trading with general volatility.

Compared to last weekend, edible oils such as Sarson Dadri, Sarson Pakki and Katchi Ghani, Soyabean Delhi, Indore and Digum, groundnut Gujarat, groundnut solvents were down last weekend. The DOC deficit is due to a 300 per cent increase in DOC exports this year compared to last year. Domestic demand is high, leading to a correction in the prices of all major oilseeds.

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According to sources, the price of soybean dye at Kandla port last week was $ 1,352 a tonne, which has now dropped to $ 1,302 a tonne, resulting in a drop in the remaining oil prices. CPO oil prices closed with gains due to improvements in Malaysia’s exchange and demand. The price of cottonseed oil dropped last week. Despite demand in the original trade, the prices of Sarson Dadri remain unchanged, and the prices of Sarson Pakki and Kachi Ghani oil closed lower at the weekend.

The price of mustard seeds is Rs

Last week, the price of mustard seed rose from Rs.75 per quintal to Rs.7,850-7,900 per quintal. 15,550 per quintal of mustard oil. Sarson Pakki Ghani and Kachchi Ghani Tin each fell by Rs 5 each to Rs 2,525-2,575 and Rs 2,610-2,720 respectively.

Soybean oil prices fall

Soybean grain and soybean grain loose prices and slack ended at Rs 10,100-10,200 and Rs 10,000-10,050 per quintal, respectively. On the other hand, the price of soybean oil at Kandla port has dropped from $ 1,350 a tonne last week to $ 1,302 a tonne. Soybean Delhi (Refined), Soyabean Indore and Soyabean Degum declined by Rs 250, Rs170 and Rs300 respectively to Rs14,900, Rs14,880 and Rs13,450 per quintal respectively.

200 for Peanut Gujarat Rs

The groundnut grain is priced at Rs. 6,295-6,440, but the peanut is down from Rs 200 to Rs 14,250 per quintal in Gujarat and is in high demand locally for the seaweed DOC. The groundnut solvent was processed and covered with a loss of Rs 40 per tin, Rs 2,195-2,325.

Crude palm oil (CPO) costs Rs

Over the weekend, crude palm oil (CPO) prices rose by Rs 50 to Rs 11,800 per quintal. Due to weak demand, Palmolin Delhi cost Rs. 13,500 to Rs. 80 shows loss. Palmoline Condla Prices remained at the same level as the previous weekend. Since last weekend, the price of cotton seed oil has risen to Rs. From 300 to Rs.

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