Market Price: Mustard oil is up again, at Rs 2,510 per tin crude

On Monday night, the import tariff was on the rise, falling in foreign markets. However, the price of mustard oil seeds has improved in the Delhi oilseeds market on Tuesday due to increase in local demand. Import tariffs have had no significant impact on oil prices, but the Malaysian exchange has fallen by one per cent, traders said.

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The import tariff value of CPO is Rs 8 per quintal, while the import tariff value of soybean degum has been increased to Rs 340 per quintal. This increase had no significant effect on imports. But, the government will definitely get an income benefit. He said the Malaysia Exchange had fallen one per cent due to the increase in import tariffs, keeping CPO and Palmolin oil prices at an all-time high.

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On the other hand, the government’s decision to ban the mixing of other oils to mustard by June 8 has increased the demand for mustard oil in West Bengal, Bihar and Assam. Demand for pickle makers is beginning to pick up in these states, market sources said. The demand for mustard oil is also constantly increasing in Rajasthan. Due to this increasing demand, the prices of mustard oilseeds have registered a correction.

The wholesale price in the market was as follows (Rs. Per quintal)

  • Mustard Oils – 7,275 – 7,325 (42 percent conditional price) Rs.
  • Peanuts – 5,670 – 5,715 Rs.
  • Distribution of groundnut oil mill (Gujarat) – Rs.
  • Peanut Solvent Refined Oil Rs 2,235 – Rs 2,265 per Tin
  • Mustard Oil Dadri – Rs 14,450 per quintal
  • Sarson Pakki Ghani – Rs 2,310 -2,360 per tin.
  • Sarson Katchi Ghani – Rs 2,410 – Tin Rs 2,510
  • Sesame Oil Mill Distribution – Rs 15,000 – Rs 17,500
  • Soybean Oil Mill Distribution Delhi – Rs 15,000
  • Soybean Mill Distribution Indore – Rs 14,850
  • Soybean Oil Digam, Kandla – 13,700 Rs.
  • CPO Ex-Condla – Rs 11,550.
  • Cotton Seed Mill Distribution (Haryana) – Rs.
  • Pamolin RBD, Delhi – Rs 13,400
  • Pamolin X- Condla – 12,200 (without GST)
  • Soybean Grain 7,600 – 7,650, Soybean Loose Rs 7,550 – 7,600
  • Maize costs Rs. 3,800

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