Maza Hoshil Na 2 November, 2020 Spoiler Written Episode Update: Will Aditya Help Suyash Win Sai’s Heart?

Maza Hoshil Na 2 November, 2020 Spoiler Written Episode Update: Will Aditya Help Suyash Win Sai’s Heart?

In the previous issue Maza Hoshil Na, We have seen Suyash trying to persuade Aditya to help him. Kashyap brothers, on the other hand, are trying to save their company from Malhotra. Sai is preparing to graduate before settling. She plans to pursue a career after completing college.

In the latest issue, all three young men on this show are following their personal and professional dreams. In pursuing these dreams, their lives are interconnected and complicated at the same time. Bandhu Mama and Aditya are enjoying some quality moments together in this episode. Talk about two bonding and old family recipes on food. Aditya is proud and happy to witness this moment and learn something new from Bandhu Mama. But the message from their company’s informants diminishes the moment.

When Aditya hears this message from an informant on Mama’s phone, he is confused with Mama’s behavior change. But still, Aditya continues to cook and Mama decides to deal with the informants. Bandhu Mama shows the information given by her informants to her brothers. After getting all these details, they are all shocked.

In anger, all the brothers decide to confront Malhotra and question their behavior. Pintya also plans to involve Aditya in the scheme but his brothers refrain from telling Aditya anything. All the brothers get ready to leave office. On the other hand, Suyash meets Aditya again to help him win Saya’s heart. Dada Mama also tells Aditya to support Suyash.

Aditya is angry at Suyash’s behavior. But he still decides to help Suyash. While traveling to his office, Aditya calls Sai. Sai is keen to let her know that she is ready to graduate and therefore going to her college. As Sai is busy with her college, Aditya decides to delay Suyash’s project.

Malhotra, on the other hand, reaches the office. He is confused by the watchman’s odd behavior. He confronts the guard and tells him that no one can remove him from office. He walks into the office angrily while the watchman smiles.

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