Molkki 2 December 2020 Written Episode Update: Manas begs his sister not to cry

Molkki 2 December 2020 Written Episode Update: Manas begs his sister not to cry

Manas begs his sister not to cry. I feel like crying too. Veerendra’s mother asks them to come out. I told your father not to hurt you again. He had not eaten anything since morning. He is just like his father. Anjali instructs her to stay inside. This would be a good lesson for them. Poorvi feels bad for children. She notices the gates and decides to inspect the children.

Someone in Om’s family gets raped (seems like a mystery Om’s mother was trying to hide). I can no longer tolerate this.

Purvi peers into the children’s room through the vent. They keep bullying everyone else all the time and even leave the kids. How can a man like him love his wife?

Sudha is trying to dig her way out of the house. She hurts her fingers but keeps on doing her job. Om’s mother turns off the lights. She decides to check in the backyard because the wall is broken there. She takes the gun from the drawer and asks for the backyard.

Manas is hungry but Juhi tells him to stay hungry. Papa slapped me! Keep silent. Purvi begins to cuddle with himself about how Virender should change his number to Cruur Singh. I will not leave these children to sleep on an empty stomach until I am here! She turns and notices Virender standing behind her. She loses her balance and falls into his arms. To moh mo k dha. He puts her down. What are you murmuring over there? Who is Cruur Singh? She forgives herself. He calls her mad.

Sudha lays a stone on her feet and wins painfully. Om’s mother listens to her voice. I think there is an intruder. I’ll teach him a lesson! Sudha’s dupatta gets caught. When Om’s mother shows him a gun on her forehead, she tries to free it. Don’t you know you’re Molki? Can’t come back alive after Molki sold out!

Everyone is sitting at the ining table. Veerendra is going to bite when his mother says the children have not eaten anything. You should not slap Juhi. They talk about disciple and rigor. As soon as I am gone they all bother. If this behavior persists they will fail in life! They must be changed for good. It can be done lovingly or strictly. He leaves. Veerendra’s mother refuses to eat anything. Poorvi assures her that she will make sure the children eat. I wouldn’t let them sleep on an empty stomach. She forgives herself. Veerendra’s mother congratulated her brother on Virender’s choice.

Ol’s mother complains to her family how Molki tried to get out of her cage when so many men were here! Fix the wall. Be there somewhere else.

Purvy finds the children the most and decides to do them himself. The servants are hesitant but she is positive about it. She starts cooking for herself.

Amma calls Om. Come tomorrow morning. Mukhi needs to discuss the business plan with you. Om suggests meeting tomorrow. We have started some renovations at home and will be looking for a place tomorrow. Mum agrees.

Purvi announces the name of favorite dishes outside the door. Manas falls into temptation. Juhi tells Manas that this is a trap. Don’t go outside. Purvi tries his best to entice him. Juhi tells Manas to go but he says I’m going to pick up the perfume. It’s delicious. He asks his sister to come. Preeti asks him to come out quietly. You can eat food. I assure you that I will not tell anyone whether they are rats in Haveli or rats in your stomach who ate this food. She was leaving. Manas requests Juhi to eat them. Manas takes food inside. Purvi smiles as he takes the tray inside. She peers inside through the gates again. They feed each other sweetly. Poorvi thinks he is eating today but who will console him after I am gone. I will not leave them to mourn until the time I am here. I take good care of them. I hope you have found a way to stay preppy in this house!

Priya reaches Naveen’s seat. I give this to his father and tell him to fix my marriage with Naveen Asap. She watches the wedding taking place there. The guy turns out to be Naveen. She shouts his name in shock. She confronts him. This is wrong. She opens Gathbandhan. I got a dowry. Marry me now. Naveen’s mother asks her to leave. Priyu says this is not out of their desire. He loves me. How can he marry someone else? She tells Dear that Naveen does not love anyone. Priya asks Naveen to answer her. Naveen pushes her away. I don’t love you. I am marrying her by choice. Let’s stop this drama! Priya slapped him. Priya tells the bride that her child has miscarried. Do you marry a person like him? The girl’s parents questioned Naveen’s parents. Dear cursing Naveen that he will never be happy after ruining his life. She picks up her bag and tears.

Mum is ready to leave. Veerendra’s mother praises the former. She passed her first exam. Mama is sure to pass all the tests. She’s like her own mother. He notices Virender going into his study room. His sister shares that Virender has been sleeping in his studies since he got married. The witness according to him is his wife. He tells his sister that Virender sleeps in his room with his wife after today. I’ll make it happen!

Priya wonders what she should do now. If I get back there I will be killed. Only previ can do anything for me. She was sitting inside listening to the conductor asking people to board the bus to Rewari.

Virender asks a man to find a good master for his children. They scan the resumes one by one. Accountant Poorvi found his resume a lot. Virender is repelled. Has she even given her resume? Purvi says you heard it right. Virendra looks at her.

PreCap: Virender asks her why she needs a job. She replies that she is not ready to become Molki. I was not aware of this and I will return your money to you with tuition money. The kids keep a bucket full of colored water on the door, which falls as soon as they step inside. Veerendra says she will not be able to handle her infamous children.