Molkki 21th November 2020 Written Update: Virender marries Preeti

Molkki 21th November 2020 Written Update: Virender marries Preeti

Prakashi telling Pushpa to show the girl to Virender as a diamond. She doesn’t like anyone and despises everyone. Anjali asks why is she looking for a girl outside when Jyoti is there and shows her sister. Mama says she wants a girl who can compete with Virendra and it’s not Jyoti. Purvi scolds the driver for hitting a woman. The driver tells him to let him speak.

Purni sees Veerendra sitting in the car and runs from there. Mama is impressed with her and tells Virendra that she has the courage to stop the car and scolds his driver. Veerendra Sakshi opens the mill and says that her dream has come true today. Poorvi enters the mill and searches for his books there. She sees Virendra there and she disappears from him. Veerendra starts the machine and gets emotional.

It was shocking to see Vipul outside the mill. Vipul asks her about Puri. She says she’s inside the mill. He tells her that he is going to meet her and go inside. Purvi shocked seeing Vipul. He tells her he came to visit her. She asks why he came to meet her. He asked her why she was acting this way. They say they flee the village on their haldi day and then send the father to ask for a dowry. It was a shock he heard her. Virendra listens to his conversation.

Mama says she needs to be here today and she tells Prakashi that she is going to meet someone. He then meets Molki’s broker and sees a picture of his ancestor. He remembers all the events he met her and says he wanted her for Virender. The broker says that Purvi’s Molki amount has already been decided and it is 5 lakhs. Mama gives him more money and tells her to cancel her former alliance.

The broker says that now Purvi becomes Veerendra’s wife and no one can stop him. He mentions it to his father. Purvi’s father says that Purvi hates Virendra and she becomes a Molki bride and that makes it difficult for them and denies this alliance. The broker gives him more money and tells him the idea of ​​convincing his daughter.

Virendra agreed to remarry because he urged Mama otherwise he would not be interested yet. Mama says she chose the girl for Virendra. Purvi’s father informs his family that the groom’s family is coming to see her. Veerendra and his family arrive at the temple. Poorvi comes there and prays to God to give him his power to fulfill all the responsibilities of the law and the wife’s daughter. Veerendra says he is remarrying with no choice but to find no place in Sakshi’s life.

Virendra thinks he will remarry only for evidence. While praying, Veerendra jumped into the Poorvi river to rescue her. He scolds her for committing suicide. She fights with him, she knows how to swim, she slipped there. He refuses to believe her and shouts at her. He prays to God that he doesn’t want to meet her again. She thinks she might never meet him again.

Prekap – Virender marries Preeti.

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