Molkki 7th December 2020 Written Update: Purvi realises that wrong happening with Sudha

The episode begins with Juhi laughing and looking away at Purvi’s dark face. Veerendra notices it and reminds her how she will not move back and tries to win the hearts of his children. Veerendra gets ready to sleep on Poorvi’s floor and she collides with him wrongly. He feels that his children are so disturbed by the old man that she is still trying and he praises her for that quality.

Her snoring can ruin her sleep. As she murmurs about it he tells her to go to bed and turn off the lights. While switching off the lights she notices Manas’ mobile and goes to give it to him. Juhi was playing the game on her mobile. Manas says he wants to play too. She tells him to play on his mobile. He decides not to tell his sister how he gave his mobile to her and she gets angry otherwise. He lied to her that he dropped his mobile somewhere while playing.

Poorvi noticed someone coming out of the reform room as Manas moved into the room. She thinks that Sudha does not tell the truth so she must collect evidence. She records everything on her mobile and decides to face tomorrow.

But she is shocked to see a third person entering the reform room and she notices someone entering her room again. She thinks Sudha is making a mistake but the truth seems to be something else and she needs to save her friend from this hell. She removes the fuse so everyone can get out of their room.

Poorvi was running and collided with Sudha’s aunt. She knows what’s going on with Sudha and she feels like someone is behind her and she realizes that she’s standing in that locked room and that she feels this way whenever she’s in the room.

The next day Purvi now says she has proof, so once she encounters the reform she talks to Virender about this. She sees Prakash talking to a doctor. Prakashi tells her about the mana fever and says that he is not taking medication. Purvi says she makes him eat medicine and moves to his room. She makes him eat all the drugs in his way.

Juhi sees it and tells her that Parvi cannot be her brother’s friend and leaves. Virendra also sees her together and becomes a friend of Purvi Manas but Juhi does not know how much trouble she has.

Priya woke up and her head was in pain. She tries to run from there but the two girls grab her and take her somewhere. Purvi Manas makes milk drinkable. Juhi throws something on the way to Puri but Veerendra notices it. Purni was struggling with pain as she stepped on that. Virendra scolds Juhi and warns her not to hurt Purvi again and her punishment is that she cannot leave this house for a week.

He tells her to apply medicine on her wound. Sudha wants to come to Puri and talk to her. Purvi says that Sudha wants to talk and shows her the video. Sudha cries that this has been going on with her since day one. Poorvi comforts her.

PreCap – accuses the former of reform in laws. Sudhee says Poorvi is lying

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