Molkki: Sakshi Pushes Purvi, an accident will change the entire Story of the show

Molkki Serial Sakshi Pushes Purvi

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When Purvi went out with Mukherjee to take seven rounds while Purvi Finley was going to be Mukhya’s wife, but what happened here 5 years later, the witness is alive and now she is back.

Why did the witness repeatedly tell Mukhya Ji with Anjali Bhabhi, why did Anjali not tell Bhabi the truth, and the witness repeatedly told Bapu Ji, “Don’t repeat all those things. Listening properly, Shastri is pre-life.

He saves his life by trying to take the life of the witness east by taking him to his brother, and the poor man falls from the Purvi ditch, now you think the witness is good. How is the witness trying to kill the Purvi, why are we trying to answer that? Let us answer you. The evidence

Barr against Purvi because it was found at the request of a candidate, along with a fake witness, Praski, who is finishing the Purvi game, to see at what stage the event will take the story of a TV serial Molkki.

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