Molkki Written Episode 16th January 2021: Purvi Kidnaps Virender’s Kids

Molkki Written Episode 16th January 2021: Purvi Kidnaps Virender’s Kids

In the latest issue of Molki, we have seen Poorvi step aside and thank God for saving him from trouble. She thinks she’s done right by checking her phone. She checked the minds room. The Manas are spending some quality time with Juhi. Purvi thinks she called me stepmother but she proves she can’t differentiate between mind and dear. Manas then smiles at Purvi at the door, he calls Hathi, and hides Purvi. Virender goes to inspect the corridor but there is nothing there. Manas says Hathi was there.

Veerendra tells him that Babbar Sher checked himself and there was nothing there. A Dadi calls Virendra and tells her that she is on a night duty and collects a prescription for the reception. Manas enters the ward, disguised as a nanny. Then she picks up the injection and tells me I should inject you. Manas turned and held Juhi’s hand. She then reveals her face, both the children were happy to see her and hugged her tightly. Purvis tells Manas that she has a plan and you have to act accordingly.

The Dadi says Virender is feeling strange because there is nothing to gather at the reception and that there is no Dadi on tonight’s night duty. Purvi notices Virender coming back and she leaves with the children. Virendra returned and was shocked to see the empty room. Veerendra says the Dadi who ran with my children is no longer hiding from me.

Poorvi apologized to Virender and memorized the flashback, in which he got the envelope and found the phone. Moments later, she receives a threatening message, which sends Purvey the same phone that her sister MMS had and uploaded it on the Internet and warned that Priy would ruin her life if she did not obey orders. He also ordered Preeti to kidnap Veerendra’s children from the hospital.

Virender calls the police and starts an investigation, they checked the hospital’s CCTV and noticed that the doctors took the children from the hospital. The inspector advises Virender that the doctor should be familiar with them as they are easy to follow. She oozes the camera and recognizes Virendra Purvi with her eyes. The police then find a rickshaw driver hired by Poorwiend and they agree to give him all the information.

Then came another message to Purni, in which Mukhiyaji informs her that he is coming to her place. The sender warns her again that she will lose your sister if she acts smart. She was shocked by Purni’s mind.