Naagin 5, 21st November 2020, written episode update: Veer and Bani dance; Kaali shakti and Bani have a gruesome fight

The serial starts with a bani and weir dance. When they are not dancing, they are trying to find something secret. Weir tries to flirt with Bani. Suddenly, Jai starts to dance with Bani and takes her away. Jaya takes her to a corner and tells her that she is weak today, Adha Chand says. He tells her that he will protect her. Weir is looking for Bani in the meantime. Jai and Bani come into a garden. Jai goes out to burn some wood to keep them warm. A strangled bird appears in front of Bani. The woman tells Weir her mother and she will kill Bani. They both get into a quarrel.