Naagin 5 22November 2020 Written Update: Jay also reveals Markat Bani that he is his son

Naagin 5 22November 2020 Written Update: Jay also reveals Markat Bani that he is his son

Jae Meera asking her to take a drink but she refuses. Bani tells Weir to focus not only on Jay but on others because he is no danger to her. Jay announced a couple dance performances. Bani asks Weir to dance with her and tells her not to misunderstand her. She tells him why she is asking him to dance with her because while dancing she can get close to everyone and smell them to identify the danger. And he starts to dance and Bani starts to smell everyone one by one. Jay wonders what Bani is doing, then realizes her plan.

Bani ends up with Jay while dancing. Weir gets angry when he sees it. Jay takes Bani from there. Weir wants to follow him but turns to look at his mother and is relieved when he sees her with Pongi. Weir looks for Bani. Bani asks what Jay is doing as he tries to find the source of his sudden burn. Jay is only half moon visible today and today she is weak and he cannot take her in any danger and take her from there. Weir asks about his mother and Pony.

Ritu says she has seen her mother go with Meera. Jay tells her to sit down and go from there, he’ll arrange to help her. He signals to someone on the go. The animal moves towards Bani and her body begins to inflame again. Wondering who Bani is. That animal gets its human form. Bani was shocked to see Veer’s mother there. Weir asks Meera about her mother. Mira says she was only looking for her.

Bani asks who she is and she doesn’t look like a snake or eagle and looks weird. Markat tells her that she is Bani’s enemy and believes that no one can kill her but the snake and the eagle but she did wrong because now she can kill her and she does it. Bani and Markat quarrel with each other. Weir gets there and his mother takes the common human form and acts like a victim in front of him.

Bani shocked seeing it. Weir hugs her mother and takes her from there. Jay asks Bani what happened. Bani says she is unaware of Veer’s mother’s truth. Jay says she must kill Markath and Weir because she has been betrayed. Jay recalls how he asked Markat why he didn’t have powers like her.

She tells him that he must win Weir to gain his power and she can kill Bani. Weir recalls the incident and asks what Bani was doing with her mother. She tells him she is defending herself from her mother, Markat. He laughs at her and asks how that vulnerable person can hurt her.

He refuses to believe her and asks who wants to kill her by shaking hands with his mother. She tells him that Jay wants to kill her. It was a shock he heard her. Bani’s mother is with her enemy and Jay is with her so she must kill Markat and asks if he will support her in this fight. She asks if he betrays her like the others or does he support her.

Jay dreams of getting close to Bani. The next day Jay talks to Bani and sees Weir together and accuses him of cheating on him. She says she has blamed her mother before and Jay is now planning with Jay against him. Markat asks everything from the floor. Weir says she trusts her mother, not Bani, and locks her into a glass box using magic.

He warns Jay not to leave the house and tells him to always be in front of him. Bani tells Veer to release her but he ignores her. Meera tries to save Bani but she can’t do anything. Tapish takes Mira from there. Mira scolded him. He tells her to trust Weir by saying he trusts her. She refuses to listen to him.

Bani says Veer cannot lock her up like this. Jay says he will save Bani but South and Pongi hold him. Weir tells her to stay first. Bani tells Weir that she laughs at her mother. He goes to his mother and she changes her face. Weir’s mother tells him that he should not act like this with Bani and that he is here with Bani alone.

South and Pongi lock Jay into the room. Dax gives Veer a medicine. Weir tells his mother to rest. She enters the washroom and curses into Weir’s room in the form of a snake. She tells Jay that he must take Bani from here to kill her. Bani escapes from Weir’s cage. Weir tells everyone to find Bani. Weir is shocked to see Bani in the cage and asks how she is here when he sees her outside.

Precap – Jay also reveals Markat Bani that he is his son.