Naagin 5, 27th December 2020, written update: Veer decides enough is enough and decided to leave Chandni

The serial begins with Veer (Sharad Malhotra) telling Jai (Mohit Sehgal) and Bani (Surbhi Chandna) to stop their marriage. He tells Chandani that he cannot marry her. She says he has to pay for this. We could see something unusual in Veer’s neck. This is a kind of injury. Then we are taken back 3 hours. We can see Balwant trying to kill Markat but she injures him.

Seeing Pheras taking Bani Jai with him, he decided that Veer was enough and decided to leave Chandni. She confronts Bani that she is going to marry Jai to get Veer back. Chandni does his best to stop Veer but he doesn’t listen. He falls from the moon and lays in his home in a state of unconsciousness. Balwant is happy that Veer has freed himself and tells Marcot that Bani is happy to win. Balwant returns home as people try to bring Veer unconscious. Balwant tells Bani that she is not wrong and that all of this is destiny. Bani refuses to believe it and tells him that she can change destiny. He tells her that they can all be in big trouble.

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Bani Jai apologizes and thanks her for helping her. When she leaves, Veer gets angry at her for always ruining her plans.

In the bedroom, Bani is mocking the unconscious Veer. She wants him to get up and tie her a ring. She tells him that if he doesn’t get up until she counts 5, she’ll kiss him. He doesn’t get up, Bani doesn’t kiss him. Bani hears some strange sounds. She reached the hall to find a scorpion-like creature. She takes her Nagin avatar to kill it. Soon, others discover that there are many creatures that come and start attacking them. Veer gets up and sees them all in trouble. They try to help them but can’t. A scorpion sets out to attack Veer but Bani saves him and gets hurt. We see Jai come and save them from scorpions. He drops into an altercation with Veer and tells him he can’t save her.

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The next morning, Bani gets up and asks Veer what happened. He doesn’t say anything. Balwant enters the room and tells Bani that Veer going on the moon is not good. Balwant leaves the room. Bani runs behind him and asks what’s going on. He says Veer is in more trouble. Veer then tells Bani that he will be punished for not saving his family. He tells her that he has changed. Bani tells him that she will help him at any cost.

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