Naagin 5 3rd January 2021 written update: Jay (Mohit Sehgal) drags the mortal remains of the Markat at their doorsteps

Bani realizes that Veer is right about Jay intentions. As Jay tries to explain his side of the story, Bani attacks him. But Jay is already hit by an arrow. He collapses on the floor and warns Barkey that Markat will kill everyone.

The show now begins to narrate what happened seven hours ago. Tapish calls Bani as he gets caught by his business rivals. The call drops abruptly, which causes Bani to think that something is wrong with Veer and Tapish Bhai. And the moment the kidnappers move Veer, Bani comes to a place where he is trapped under a magical trap.

Releasing Bani from his power, the kidnappers rush to the secluded house where Veer is held captive. Bani, Jay and Tapish hit the hell out of the kidnappers and found Veer lying unconscious on the floor. Just as Bani is trying to wake Veer, Jay asks her to drink poison. Jay gives a wicked laugh and recalls how he once again tied the knot with Marquette, revealing that she was responsible for hypnotizing Veer and gaining complete control over him.

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Jay releases Marcot from the magic spell. When Bani opens the bottle, it has poison in it, Markat looks at it from a distance. Bani realizes that something is wrong with the potion. She throws poison at the market and scolds her for trying to erase her blood. Bani curses the market as a filthy mother and tells her that she can’t even touch Veer until she is around.

Markat promises Bani that he will return for revenge. As Veer fights for his life, Bani begs before Shiva to save him. “Mere suhag ko jivan don de dziyi. Bani dances his heart till Shiva gives him his desire and gives Veer a new life.

Veer wakes up and starts searching for Bani everywhere in the house. Bani and Veer finally stand next to each other. They both feel and run towards each other. They hug each other tightly, feel the warmth and shed tears of joy. Veer wonders how Markot did this to him. Bani tells him that this happened because of Jay and Veer tells him that he is okay with his intentions.

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She tells everyone that Jay has had time with Marcotte and tried to poison Veer. The next moment, Jay arrives and everyone looks at him angrily. Bani closes Jae and calls him a traitor. Bani gives Jay her peace of mind. She asks Jane what he has gained from all this betrayal. “Tumpe bharosa hi nahi raha. Nafrat karti hai huh tumse, nafrat. Dafa ho jao abhi ke abhi,” Bani Jae denounces.

Bani gets very angry at Jay. She turns into a noggin and snaps him with his tongue. Jaune gets up with an arrow on his back and collapses on the floor. “Tum jaisa samazte ho vaisa nahi hai. Wo subko mar degi,” Jay tells Bani about the market as he takes his last gas.

While Jay was struggling for his life, Veer realized he had lost his power again. Balwant says his authority may fluctuate for a while. In the meantime, Bani heals Jay’s wounds with his supernatural powers.

Jay tells Bani that Markat is responsible for everything that happened. Bani argues that he was the one who freed her from the magic spell. Jay refuses to help Mark escape. No one believes him. As Jay pursues the pain, he tells everyone that he killed Markat.

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When Bani, Veer, and others find it difficult to believe him, Jay pulls the deadly remains of the market to his doorstep. Balwant asks Shukla to reassess whether she is one of Jay’s magical spells to keep her from the real market or the truth.

Balwant expresses his happiness and takes Jay inside after Jay collapses back on the floor and regains his trust. Veer and Bani cannot come to terms with the fact that Markat is still dead in front of them.

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