Naagin 5 7 November 2020 Written Update: Veer Tells Bani That He Saved Little Girl From Plane Crash, Bani Gets Flashback

Naagin 5 7 November 2020 Written Update: Tonight’s episode begins with Weir stopping Bani from moving out of the house. They come back to the room and have a romantic moment. Weir tells Bani that he loves her and she confesses to him within 24 hours. Jay meets Bani and tells her to kill him because she’s around Veer and she has a chance but she argues and tells him she won’t be part of the plan.

However, in the end, she agrees. Jay drives the car and Weir stops him and they start arguing again. Weir then threatens Jay to get out of Bani’s life but Jay starts to laugh, raging at him about how he failed to accept Bani’s love. Weir says he doesn’t love her because he’s trying to hurt Bani. Also Read – Nagin 5 Spoiler Warning: Little Bani, Veer-Bani’s Jay Plans, Mayuri Dies to Reveal Her Truth

Weir plans a romantic evening for Bani and sprinkles bubbles on her but she gets annoyed and asks him to stop. Weir hugs her tightly and tries to calm down. Then they open the champagne and cheer with the bani. Also Read – Nagin 5 October 31, 2020 Written Update: Weir tells Bani about Jay’s truth, Weir-Bani challenges each other

The next morning, Bani comes out of the room and Shukla gives her a gift box. She finds the earrings in the box and Jay tells her that he gave her the earrings and that he can communicate with the same stone ring he wears. Weir and Bani then ride.

Weir says he was a playboy before he loved her and wanted to tell her the biggest secret of his life. Jay, on the other hand, asks and wonders what Veeramsu Singhania does. Weir takes the chill form and tells Bani his true identity. Also Read – Nagin 5 October 25, 2020 Written Update: Weir kills Shakura, Weir and Bani unite to defeat their enemies

Weir tells Bani about how he was a cheerleader in his childhood. Weir further reveals that when he learned to fly, he rescued a little girl who fell after a plane crash. Bani remembers that it was her who saved Weir. He explains that he saved Jay too but when he turned to look at the little girl she disappeared. He further reveals that he had hurt her by mistake but not on purpose. Bani thinks she’s alive because of Veer.

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