Naagin 5 Today written update December 2020: Veer asks Bani to get lost after spending the night with her

The episode starts with the love making scene between Veer (Sharad Malhotra) and Bani (Surbhi Chandna). But how did they get into the bed? The show now begins narrating what transpired between them eight hours ago. Bani wonders why Veer went against her and spoke disrespectfully to her.

Balwant is happy to see Veer going against Bani but says that he will be happy when Veer will kill Bani. The next moment, Veer gets into a heated argument with Jay (Mohit Sehgal) in front of Bani who sends everyone out of the bedroom. Also Read SSC CGL 2018 Skill Test: 78% of candidates have passed the skills test and several thousand candidates have registered

Veer accuses Jay of trying to get close to his wife, Bani, and feel her touch. Veer tells Jay that he will not be able to succeed in his plans in his presence and will throw Jay out of the room. Bani denounces Warner’s bizarre behavior. This causes the vet to intimidate Bani with consequences.

Meanwhile, Balwant (Parag Tyagi) says that he never felt ated that Veer would go against Bani one day. However, Shukla tells him that Bani is very powerful and she is safe as long as she is by their side. Shukla wonders if Jay is really Chandrakala’s biological son.

Here, a heartbroken Bani sits in a room lit by candles. She tells Veer that she’s hurt. Veer apologizes for his harsh behavior and mentions his insecurities about his behavior after seeing Jay in her room. She tells Bani Veer that she wants to be with him forever.

Veer takes Bani to a secluded place, saying he is going out for dinner. As Bani begins to panic, Veer surprises her with a romantic setup with candles and champagne. Bani insists that she cannot drink because she is easily intoxicated. Veer requests her to drink and she obliges him.

Veer gets on his knees before Bani and holds the rose in his mouth. Bani looks impressed. Veer begins to seduce Bani with a romantic dance. He runs her fingers through her hair, looking into her eyes and pulling her into his arms the moment she moves away. Veer is completely beaten by Bani.

But their romantic setup gets a little spoiled after the champagne falls to the ground and starts to rain. Veer tries to add Bani to the shade. But Bani gets romantic and dances with Veer under the rain.

Meanwhile, with the help of Disha Suchak (Navigation Device), Balwant reaches a cave, where Chandrakala is trapped and bound by a magic spell. Balwant asks Shukla to call Pongi and Dakshina as there is little plan for execution.

Here, both Bani and Veer are wet in the rain. As they go into the tent, Veer asks Bani to undress, so that she can stay warm in front of the fire. Bani tells Veer that she has no clothes other than what she’s already wearing. Veer hesitates to take off his shirt and wear it but eventually puts it on. She asks Veer what she should wear under the shirt, to which Veer replies that she cannot give her pants.

The seductive dialogue evokes some amusing chemistry between the two. Both Bani and Veer lie on top of each other on the bed. As Veer calls her Bani Sharma, she corrects him as Mrs. Bani Veeranshu Singhania. They both confess their love to each other. Bani shows Veer that Veeranshu means V with Mehandi. This brings Veer and Bani even closer. They begin to kiss each other and slowly undress. “Tum Mary ho … Surf Mary,” Vanni said as she placed herself on the bar.

Balwant, on the other hand, tries to make a deal with Chandrakala, saying that if he releases her, he will do whatever he asks of her. Chandrakala fights and pleads with Balwant to release her soon. But when Balwant, Pongi and South try to remove Trishul, they are burned by its power. He realizes that he is not strong enough to pull out Trishul and release Chandrakala. He leaves the cave to think of something.

Here, after spending the night with each other, Veer (Sharad Malhotra) begins to act Veerd. He insults Bani (Surbhi Chadna) and tells her that everything that happened between them is false. “Get lost,” Veer tells Bani, completely shocked.

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