Naagin 5 update, December 27: Bani decides to marry Jay to make Veer envious

The episode of Naagin 5 begins with a dance between Veer and Chandni. Bani agrees to lose sight of Veer’s well-being. Veer sits in the hallway with Chandni. Bani slid down the stairs. Bani manages to reach the moon but Chandani listens to her voice and then tells Bani that Veer is marrying her. Bani loses patience.

Chandni pushes Bani and she gets back in sight. Jay heard talking to Bani Meera about Veer’s remarriage with Chandni. Jay persuades Bani for a fake marriage with him. Weir connects his father and brothers to the moon. Weir is shocked to hear that Bani is marrying Jay. Kapish gives news of Bani’s marriage with Veer, and Balwant pretends to be very happy with the decision, and Veer says that after his marriage to Chandni, Bani automatically goes away from his life, and he is happy to have his son back.

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Weeping and talking to Meera about Bani Veer. Weir gets jealous to see Bani and Jay together. Veer asks Pandit Ji to finish the mantra fast. Weir insults Bani because he married Jay. Weir tells Jae that he is incapable and asks why Bani doesn’t look happy. Bani answers by placing a garland on Jay’s neck.

Balwant’s ex-wife tells him that Adi Nagin kills everyone. She is only interested in Veer and whatever Chandni says he does. Chandni Veer is under the control of her mother. Balwant gets angry and takes the chill form and hits her. Weir and Bani silently vow in respective weddings.

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