Naagin Written Update S05 23 November 2020: Veer locks Bani in a glass box

Naagin Written Update S05 23 November 2020: Veer locks Bani in a glass box

The episode of Nagin begins with the eagle snake coming to her as her enemy.
Weir asks Bani who he supports.

Later, Jai gives Meera a drink, and she drinks it. Jai asks everyone to enjoy the party. Weir gets angry and says Jai is going to have fun for everyone since it is his father’s party.
Veer asks Bani if ​​she will dance with Jai. Bani replies that she is going to ask Veer to dance with her. She asks him not to take it wrong in a weir way.

Weir tells Bani that he has no wrong idea about the dance.
Veer takes Bani to a couple dances. They both start to dance. Jai and Mahek come in while Veer and Bani dance. Jai pulls Bani and takes her away from Veer.

Bani asks Jai why he took her away from Vani. Jai says that today is the day when every snake desires their skin to get new skin. At that point they become weak, and anyone can attack them.
Bani gets cold. Jai calls Bani and tells her to get something to shut her up. Jai walks away.

Something strange for Bani. Bani sees the strange thing turn into a man.
Bani is shocked to see Weir’s mother. Bani is confused about seeing Weir’s mother as a snake with eagle wings.

Bani asks who she is. He says that Bani has not yet identified his aunt. Weir’s mother says she’ll kill Bani.
Weir’s mother attacks Bani. Bani bit her.

The two fight in the air. Weir’s mother attacks Bani again, but it prevails, and she falls as she weakens.
Weir enters. Weir sees her mother in the ground, and Bani makes her fall. Weir gets angry and leaves with his mother.

Bani goes to Jai and cries. She thinks snakes are together, but all is wrong. Jai pulls Bani close to her and kisses her. Jai wakes up from her dream.

Later, Veer sees Jai hugging Bani. Weir angrily kicks the vase. Bani cries when Markath sees Bani. Weir thinks Bani has cheated on him.
Weir blames Bani for trapping his mother and tells him that his family is not safe with her.

Weir calls Bani and locks him in a glass box. Weir says his brothers keep track of Jai and hold him. And the glass box is opened only by Weir’s magic.