NASA found such metal in space, which can make every man of the earth a millionaire

Washington Scientists often make such disclosures about space, which humans never even imagined. Now one such surprising news has come out.

The US space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) says that it has found a treasure in space, which is so precious that if every person is also distributed, then he can become a millionaire. Apart from gold, diamonds and platinum are also included in this treasure. This precious metal is within the debris present in space here.

Why are scientists so interested in it?

The new NASA mission is named Psyche, through which the study of the metal-rock asteroid 16 Psyche (16 Psyche) will be done. 16 Psy is actually an asteroid (asteroid), named 16 Psy. This asteroid is about 226 km wide.

Which lies on the asteroid beds of the solar system between Mars and Jupiter. Now the question arises that why are the scientists taking such an interest in this asteroid? This is because there are so many precious metals in the asteroid, which can be more valuable than the total cost of the global economy.

How precious are metals?

According to experts, the asteroid is entirely made of nickel and iron metal with a solid gold core. The estimated value of the asteroid may be around $ 10,000 quadrillion.

With which every person of the earth can become a millionaire. NASA has said that the aim of its new device is to study ’16 psyches’. So that we can also know about the construction of the earth. Earlier in July, NASA said that by studying this asteroid, we will know how our planet and other planets have been formed.

When can the mission begin?

To fulfill these objectives, the space agency has designed a spacecraft called Psy. Which will study the asteroid’s magnetic field. It will also collect photographs and data about the asteroid’s topography and structure.

In a previous report, NASA asked Elon Musk’s company Space X to cooperate in the mission. If all goes well, the NASA / Space X mission could start in the year 2022.

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