Navratri 2020: For the first time in 100 years no idol mother Durga will worshiped as Kalash

Navratri 2020: Mother Durga will be worshiped as Ghoti (Kalash) on Navratri in the form of idols at the Durga places of worship in the city. After getting permission from the government, the Bengali society has started preparations for Durga Puja. This time only Pandits and people of Bengali society will worship at Durga Pujan sites. Given the danger of corona, the entry of outsiders will remain closed. This is the first time in 100 years that there will be no worship and immersion of the idol of the mother in Durga Puja. The festival of Navratri will start from 17 October 2020 (Saturday), which will run till 25 October 2020 (Sunday).

Durga Puja has been happening in the city for the last 100 years. Bengali society started Durga Puja from a small house in Biharipur. With the passage of time, the form of Durga Puja continued to grow. Now grand Durga Puja is performed at nine places in the city. Along with the people of Bengali society, common urban people also worship Mother Durga. Due to Corona, this time there is a ban on religious and community events. The government has allowed 200 people to participate in Durga Puja and Ramlila in Unlock-5. After the permission of the government, the members of the organizing committees talked and decided that this time they worshiped with the help of the mother. There will also be no cultural events at the venue.

Members of the committees will worship in different praises
Given the corona, members of the Durga Puja committees will not go to the place of worship together. Different families will arrive at the venue at different times. Only Panditji will be allowed to stay at the venue. Social distancing will be followed at all places of worship and there will be a provision of hand sanitizer. Use of masks has been made mandatory to visit the venue.

Due to permission on the occasion, grand programs will not be held
All the Durga Puja of the city has been performed in grand form till now. After installing the idol of the mother at the venue of the program, the people of Bengali society worship with full law. Cultural programs are held every evening. This time due to Corona, people were not expected to get permission to organize. In such a situation, preparations could not start in time. The events are organized with mutual support of the society. Due to Corona, people are avoiding meeting each other. In this situation, the meeting and other preparations could not be done.

Setting 200 people is a big challenge
Organizers say that if the programs are organized on a large scale, then it will be a big challenge to control the number of 200 people in any worship complex. There will be a risk of infection. Therefore, it has been decided that the program will be in micro form. Maa Ghoti will be worshiped everywhere. In such a situation, the tradition of worship will also be maintained and the crowd will not gather.

The organizer said
This will be the first time in 100 years that Durga Puja will not be celebrated in Bareilly. Perhaps this is the mother’s wish. We will worship the mother with a horse. The grandeur of the program will be less this time at the railway recreation house of the junction. Cultural programs will also not be organized.
– Dhruv Chatterjee, organizer

Durga Puja will also be done this time. This time we will worship the mother in the form of an urn. The temple and the venue will not be crowded. Devotees will worship in peace and simplicity. This time the idol of the mother will not be installed in the event to be held on Road number four of Izatnagar.
– Nandan Chakraborty, organizer

At Durgabari in Rampur Gardens, every time worship was done with grandeur. This time the mother will be worshiped in the form of an urn. Only people of Bengali society will participate in the pujan. Entry of outsiders will be restricted. We will take all precautions while looking at the corona.
– Dr. Sujoy Mukherjee, organizer

In the temple of Dadu ji of Izatnagar, we will worship with complete law. At the organizer site, instead of sitting as a mother idol, it will remain as an urn. The members of the organizing committee will visit the mother with her family at different times.
– Shrikant Ghosh, organizer


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