Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 22nd November 2020 Written Update: Anu and Ramya discussing Subu and Pushba

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 22nd November 2020 Written Update: Anu and Ramya discussing Subu and Pushba

The serial begins with Anu and Ramya discussing Subu and Pushba. Pushba then returns home. She is tired of standing on the bus. She realizes how difficult Subu’s job is and makes him feel bad. Pushba and Subu have an emotional conversation about their respective tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. They take pride in each other for being able to do such a difficult task every day.

The sun is abducted and tied on a chair. He was surrounded by a few men who covered his face with a napkin. Surya shouts asking the man who kidnapped her to come out. Surya says he is not scared of them or their boss. Surya tells Pankaj to come out. He laughs.

Mansi tells Moon that she has seen Sun wearing a T-shirt and a driving scooter, but Chandra refuses to believe her. Then Chandra laughs at Shara. Mansi says she saw the sun with the girl. Sharda says then it should not be the sun. Chandra teases Mansi that his vision should be checked.

Sharda says she must have seen a person with a resemblance to the sun. Mansi is sure he has seen the sun. Sharda says she believes she’s seen the sun on a t-shirt driving scooter, but she can’t believe he’s with the girl. She is glad that Mansi’s words are true, and she is glad that Mansi’s words are prayed to God. Mansi angrily leaves the place.

Raghupati asks Sambat whether Anu has gone to meet Surya. Sambat says he went to college to return the library book without looking at anything else. Ragupati laughs. Ranjini then scolds Anu and her parents. Raghupati says everyone regrets not listening to Subu when he speaks badly of his family. He talks badly about angering Sambat.

Pankaj comes out and stands in front of the sun, asking how he is acting. Pankaj signs up to leave the men alone. He asks the sun to be serious, because he is in danger of life. Surya says that Pankaj was abducted in the film style and started the game. He thought he wanted to see Pankaj first and he liked it.

Pankaj sarcastically praises The Sun that he was able to escape by exchanging his garment with a pizza delivery man. Suriya thanks Pankaj for irritating him. He acts terribly and pleads not to defeat him. Surya asks Pankaj to unwind. Pankaj apologizes to Surya and unravels him.

Surya says that no one except Pankaj has the power to hold the sun. Pankaj says he has proved that he does not have that power. If he had listened to him, he would not have been in this situation. Surya says he has nothing to fear. He already had the idea that he would go out when the need arose.

Pankaj says Satya did not listen to Pankaj. He questions whether he needs to risk his life and meet Anu. Fortunately no media has recognized him, and in other cases, both of his names are in news headlines. The other Swamyady visits the house of the sun.