Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: How Anu’s Parents Are The Best, Despite Living In An Orthodox Society

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: How Anu’s Parents Are The Best, Despite Living In An Orthodox Society

While the world is still fighting gender inequality, we can imagine how rampant it is in the lower-middle class section of our society. With Neethane Enthan PonvashanthamAnu’s parents, Subbu and Pushpa Break all these ruerers when dealing with the insults of their society. That’s why they are absolutely amazing!

Subbu and Pushpa made efforts to educate Anu beyond her capabilities and never say that she is a girl or that she needs to be educated as much as she is poor. He encourages her to pursue a career as she studies and supports her in every way possible. He will never treat her as a liability or expect her to abandon her career at any stage of life.

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In the most recent installment, Subbu says that Anu wants to resign after she marries Neil, and immediately completes the sentence and then tells her that she should join another office, which is good for her. This moment is a huge relief for everyone as we finally have a true feminist icon in Subway.

They are often abused by their neighbors for allowing their daughter to work but they rarely notice it. They put their daughter’s life on social media for their false reputation. Although it is painful, she understands that everything is fleeting until her daughter is successful and shows the world what she is capable of. We hope this happens soon and Subbu and Pushpa are having the best time of their lives.

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