New Labor Code: Four days a week, three days off work? The Modi government has been preparing to change the rules since October 1, with salary and PF also affected

New Labor Code: The Modi government at the center can implement a new labor law from October 1. If this happens, you only need to work four days a week. At the same time, with this new law, the PF balance will also increase. Earlier, the government was only going to implement the rule on April 1, but due to lack of consent of the states, it could be implemented from October 1. Tell us how employees will be affected if a new labor law is enacted.

You get three days of vacation a week

According to the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India, employees may need to work 12 hours instead of 9. It includes a half hour break every five hours. At the same time, you have to work 48 hours a week. If a person works 8 hours a day, he must work 6 days a week. At the same time, a person who works 12 hours a day gets three holidays a week.

Terms change from August 1: These Terms relating to Salary, ATM, Pension, EMI are changing from August 1, which will have a direct impact on your pocket

PF increases, salaries decrease at hand

Under the new law, the salary structure will also change. Under this law, employees’ basic wages must be more than 50 percent. If this happens, the reduction in salary on hand will decrease as the future rises.

All employees get minimum wages across the country

Under the new labor law, workers across the country are now required to pay minimum wages. It is specially designed with a focus on migrant workers. It provides social security for workers. Organized and unorganized sector employees nationwide also receive employee state insurance coverage. Along with this, the new law also allows women to have nightmares.

The Modi government is allowing 15 lakh rupees to sit at home

Old age is safe

People are always worried about their retirement. Now with this new law the PF will increase. According to the rules, the employer must deposit the same amount as the employee. This way the PF balance will increase. This directly benefits employees. On the other hand, the burden on companies increases.

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